The Only Ones ~ Possibly the most underated band of all time!

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« on: August 08, 2010, 10:53:10 PM »
I should hope there is at least a couple of fans on here.

Every songwriter should have the records "The Only Ones" and "Even Serpents Shine", two of the best albums of all time. Lyrics are a work of genius combining the tales of a drug-tormented hopeless romantic with the most beautiful dark humour. And the music equally as stunning John Perry is a true guitar hero who never got enough recognition.

They are the band who did the classic song "Another Girl Another Planet", most people should know that one. It features arguably the best intro and solo of all time. But there is so much more depth to the band than just that track (which is all most people know them for)

For fans of The Buzzcocks, Joy Division, The Clash, The Velvet Underground however Only Ones are in my opinion far superior to the listed bands  :-*

sorry that was such a big essay by the way :S