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« on: October 22, 2021, 04:35:36 PM »
I have been trying to create a few songs about the different aspects of having a gambling addiction to try and help with the awareness of the issue. This is a song I wrote which pretty much sums up a typical day in the life of someone with this addiction. Any feedback on music, lyrics or vocal deliveries would be greatly appreciated.


Verse 1
payday's arrived I'm so excited
I know I shouldn't but I can't fight it
It's a Tuesday so I got work at 6
but fuck it, I'm phoning in sick
now I got the whole day and bank full of wages
it's been 3 days since I last played but it seems like ages
not even concerned about getting the sack
having this money is like a delivery of crack
so here I am in my home
pull out my phone, Sky Vegas, transfer £200
now I'm right in the zone

Can you tell me why I chase the high
Can you tell me why I chase the high

Verse 2
Just put a hundred straight through
it's nothing to me, it's just what I do
now I'm upping the stakes on each spin
chasing a big win and I'm only ten minutes in
I know my rents due today which I haven't paid
so I still got plenty of money to play
finally I get a break and I'm into the feature
but nothings guaranteed from this creature
it pays me a little but it's never enough
so I open up Mr Green to see
if I can get out of the rough

Can you tell me why I chase the high
Can you tell me why I chase the high

Verse 3
See I'm using multiple apps to gamble
increasing my chances, sorry why I ramble on
but I gotta paint the right picture
a scripture of why it's a permanent fixture
it's a mixture of greed, depression & need
it's an addiction that I gotta feed
so I continue to play, transfer some more
until I hear my landlord knock at the door
scramble to the kitchen, hide til he goes
this ain't the life that chose me
this is the life that I chose

Can you tell me why I chase the high
Can you tell me why I chase the high

Verse 4
The afternoon rolls round
and I'm still chasing the win I haven't found
money in my account is starting to dwindle
bouncing between apps like a pinball
it's simple, I'm on a serious losing streak
if it don't turn around I'm losing sleep
I'm gunna need more money from somewhere
I'm not a fool, the games just being unfair
wait, I can't believe what I'm saying
it's all my own doing not the game that I'm playing
so why am I still wanting a way in

Can you tell me why I chase the high
Can you tell me why I chase the high

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« Reply #1 on: October 22, 2021, 06:35:50 PM »
Hola @StevieJ

I liked the intro, that keyboard is special, then your voice, like a monologue, intimacy aloud, the voices with melody are equally special, something tragic, sad, an announced destiny ...
I like the arrangement, little instrumentation framing the terribleness of the doom.
I liked it very much, very modern, good vision!!!

I have met people with various addictions, and from things I knew about the lives of friends addicted to gambling I came to the conclusion that most of them become addicted due to lack of love in their lives with all that this implies, loneliness, insecurity, sadness, depression and the terrible anxiety that they calm with gambling, well, they try but ...

Bueno, bueno, ahora me voy

Stay well

I did not know that to live we had to die so many times
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« Reply #2 on: October 23, 2021, 04:55:10 PM »
Some top quality rhymes here - i particularly love the rhyme chains and internal rhymes, hard to pull off and you do.

Great choice to have a melodic hook too - really melancholy and fateful.

Top work.


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« Reply #3 on: October 24, 2021, 10:27:34 PM »
Hi Stevie, nice to see u over here mate.😄👊🏻

Well I’ve gotta say that THIS is what I wanted from your other track that you put in the comp on Muse. Don’t get me wrong, the lyrics and vocal performance were great on that other one, but the off tempo drums and lack of a hook made it hard for me to score it as well as I wanted to. Sorry man.

THIS TRACK though is much more cohesive, the beat is great!…..again great lyrics and rap flow (that’s you rapping yeah?) and there’s a good catchy hook aswell (although imho the singer needs to deliver better on the “high” line…it’s a little wobbly there.)
Had you entered this one I’d have scored it an 8/8.5 (if the high vocal was fixed.)

I had a friend growing up who was addicted to fruities…, that was hard to watch….it consumed him….poor fella….

Excellent write mate. 🤩


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« Reply #4 on: October 25, 2021, 11:24:20 AM »
@LostBoy @adamfarr @moraamarolaloba thank you for your feedback here, much appreciated. I did receive some feedback from my previous song requesting a hook but I wasn't sure about having a hook in that song but I'm glad you feel it works well in this one. Yes Leo that was me rapping but sadly not me going for those high notes lol.
Thanks Adam for spotting those internal rhymes, looking back maybe I should have included some in the first couple of verses too as it works so well later on. food for thought. Anyway cheers people, thanks for listening and taking time to comment :O)