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« on: August 21, 2021, 07:09:26 PM »

Blue Hawaii, ten stories high
And the ride back home has never felt so long
I wanna love you
Like a mother loves her child
For if I can't hold you when you cry
What the hell? Who the hell am I?

Southside Fizz, Southside lips
I'll probably have to write a thousand songs
Before I stop writing about you
I guess there are about 900 left, then
But I promise
I'll turn a blind eye
To the countdown, to the countdown

Even when they tell me
To stop mourning you once you're gone
I'll think things through, grab a pen
And resuscitate us in a song
I'll rewrite that
Blue Hawaii & Christmas Lights
Tinsel garlands at the
Carlsbad Village Drive
Who knew
Claps of thunder & spells of bad weather
Could happen so naturally?

Even in July
The deadliest month there could ever be
I'll give up, I'll surrender
Surrender to the goddamn heat
I'll smell your sweater
The one you gave me
It'll feel like home
I'll surely feel guilty 'cos
Who knew bad timing
Always results in ill tidings
And that it can happen
So effortlessly?

Blue Hawaii, you finally moved out
Left the city
But it's fine by me
I'm wearing your sweater
I hope you remember
That at some point
You were everything to me

Through the crowded streets
Of your quiet town
Despite the distance
And the new job you found
I really hope you'll see
That at some point
Baby, at some point
You did mean
Everything to me


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« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2021, 01:36:38 PM »
Hi @Arkadievsky and welcome to the forum.

Some interesting lyrics here. Some of it I didn't understand but that's okay; one of my favourite bands does that to me all the time so I'm used to it! I got the overall arc though and that's fine.

Do you have a tune for this? It would be interesting to hear it as, given the structure seems a little free.
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