[PARODY] Where's My Snow?!!

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« on: February 09, 2021, 09:50:12 PM »
For the last week or so, the missus has been complaining about the snow. Or rather, the lack of it. When the TV is full of the rest of the country bathed in a white blanket it seems our little corner of paradise just isn't trying very hard. We get a brief attempt overnight and then, like Keyser Söze, like that... it's gone.

Beast from the East? Pussy Cat more like it.

She's really annoyed about it. She wants some decent snow! Something that'll stick around a day or two...

Well. Obviously THAT song was going around my head and, naturally, I wasn't hearing the original words. Oh, no. I heard different words. Words that were just begging me to put them down on paper. Eventually, I had to give in...

Where's My Snow?!!

The weather forecast is predicting that
There's a cold front on the way
And everywhere there are warnings
We should brace ourselves they say
That we should worry cos the land is turning white
But to me that fills me with delight

I wait all night, I cannot sleep
Staring out the window, not a peep
The TV says it's coming now
But on the ground...

There's no snow! There's no snow!
They have lied to me once again
There's no snow! There's no snow!
But on Facebook all my friends
They all say that it's inches thick
But I look and it's
Only a flake or two, nothing more

Funny how the country is blanketed in white
But I look out of my window and the sun is shining bright

Why can't it be like sixty-three?
Piled up the door, no breaking free
I guess that's it; that's winter done
It's gone!

Where's my snow?! Where's my snow?!
It really is so unfair
Where's my snow?! Where's my snow?!
It's like Frosty just don't care
Here I am with my sledge in hand
I don't understand

So down in Dorset they are shoveling their paths
And up in Dumfries they are building snowmen for a laugh
But here in Oldham it's the land that snow forgot
One flake then it was gone
The weatherman was wrong

Where's my snow?! Where's my snow?!!
There's nothing but mud and rain
Where's my snow?! There's no snow!
It has passed by once again
All I want is a day or so
Of a pile of snow
The cold never bothers me anyway
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