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Viscount Cramer & His Orchestra:
Hey anyone who's got a spare few minutes and is bored before going down the pub to get hammered.

I came across this nice acapella so knocked up a backing track. Trouble is there wasn't more than one verse and chorus but I did some repeats.
Initially I didn't have the verse repeated after the sax, just instrumentation before hitting the chorus bits again. Still not sure about it. Also not sure about the extra guitar part here. Or have the guitar but not the vocal?

Any thoughts?

Have a Super Saturday guys!

@Viscount Cramer & His Orchestra - nice vibe

Id have a jazz gtr solo, picking out bits  Of the vocal melody line and a rhodes,

Drop the fuzz gtr, (maybe bung phaser on it, but keep the playing simple) can you chop the vocal into finer chucks and use dot them about, maybe with some echo freezes?

Just ideas really, good luck wit it

Hi Ian. Good to see your little Zoom box yesterday evening. Shame the network was bad as would be great to catch up. This is a super little vibe. I thought the bass was fab and enjoyed the sax breaks. Maybe I would be inclined to make the lead guitar a bit more distorted but only personal preferences etc etc. Keeping away from the pubs but sitting in my garden I can tell that quite a few people are not. Gonna be lairy later I reckon !

Yeah very nice. It's a shame the vocal sample is on the short side. I'd maybe consider looking for a contrasting vocal sample, maybe male, so you could have different vocal sections featuring different vocals. Increase the interest level - or maybe sing it yourself.

But it's a very chilled vibe you've got there and a smashing backing track so far  :D

Yes...throughly enjoyed this one...shaping up very nicely.

Will try to grab another listen and see if any ideas present themselves...but you're 90% there as I see (hear) it...


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