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You Will Come


Hello! Here is my demo for an album. I would like to hear your opinion about this song.

Here is the lyrics.

Sometimes I feel so bad cause
You are nothing for them
And it’s your fault

How much it hurts
After all
You will come
You will come
You will come
And you don’t know

They say I am a mess
And I have no place next
To them

But I’m
Going out of this game
I’m not the one I used to be
I’m better then them

Everything that they told you was a lie
But you didn’t hear me
So what's now?

I am the enemy
And you're depressed
But everything will be fine
If you will come to me

I feel your love is coming
Through my veins
Oh yeah

We need to be strong
We need to be fine
You need to be strong just a little bit
All right

(Blurred outro)


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