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Come Around Again


Not sure how I want to approach this one with a full band.
More-traditional Americana?
Drums -- yes or no?
Stand-up bass or electric bass guitar?

Or maybe give it away for somebody to cover and let them figure it out?

If you have any opinions, let me know.

I think you've given it a steer with the accent and the harmonies in the chorus so it sounds like it's a country/bluegrass number already.  But it's pretty strong so could probably take a slight change in style. 

However, I like the feel currently so I think I'd go full band and stick with a country feel, for a full release and then have an acoustic version for live or stripped back recording.  I can see it on one of those unplugged sessions with a couple of acoustics and singers, acoustic bass and a drummer sat on a box (do they call those Cajons?).

Cool stuff!

Thanks Pete!

This song would sound great in one of the scenes in some TV show. Sounds cinematic I think. Energetic and positive!


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