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Ever have a song that does your head in!!!!!

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I've been sat on this for about 13 months I just cant get back into it, I mean I like it I just cant finish it and it's making sad!! Haha anyone got any hope for it or is it something I'll just give up on. I've always thought it's to good to leave but at the same time I cant complete it. Soooooo annoying!

Any advice welcome I'd love to get it finish it.

Listen to Afraid of the Dark by Sebastian And Me on #SoundCloud

Dont go chasing fairytales
They'll only kill your heart.
Dont go chasing shadows,
They'll only make you afraid of the dark, yeah!

Dont be afraid of the dark
Dont be afraid of the dark
Just turn your light on
Just turn your light on, light on

This is way to good not to finish it reminds me a lot of the foals so maybe listen to them for some inspiration ? I can hear little harmonised short sharp oohs aahs maybe a bit like looking out for love by Fleetwood Mac ? Sometimes one little nugget of an idea or change is all that's needed to take it in a completely new direction... Good luck

Ahhhh good shout @Andyb I ll give foals a try they never sprung to mind but I think your right I could get some inspiration from that cheers! I'll keep trying:)

Are you stuck and don't know where to go next? Do you have a storyline for it? Sometimes I try to outline the "story" first, in three steps. State the dilemma/problem. Come up with a solution. Report the outcome. Like, don't go chasing shadows/fairytales. Do something positive instead, like step into the sunshine or something. Outcome is maybe a brighter outlook on life.

Just some rambly thoughts which may or may not be helpful....

This is definitely too good to just leave. I really like the verse you wrote. What exactly is it that you're struggling with because you could really go with that dark fairytale type of vibe and make something really special.


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