New Song: Disarmed

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« on: May 22, 2020, 04:47:36 PM »
Hey there,

I've written a new song. Its about the feeling you get when others talk bad about somebody you love. But I think this is obvious if you read through the lyrics.
As I'm not a native speaker I wonder, if the lyrics make sense to you guys? Or if there is something wrong or unclear about it. I put "eye to eye" in brackets because im not sure if i want to use it and if it makes sense in this context. For now I prefer "feel inside".
Thank you so much in advance.


I heard your name
through a laughters haze

it hurts my soul
how they speak about you

it changed how I
(see eye to eye)
feel inside

and i know
i can do better

if they could see you how I do
they would be alarmed

if they could feel you how i do
they would be disarmed

Verse 2:
it hit me hard
when they tore you apart
i guess they dont know
who you really are
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