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Trance for Alien Genre Challenge

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I just realized this has no name. I've just been calling it "Trance Experiment". I found a cello loop I liked and built the rest on that. I know the marimba track is total rubbish and I don't know if I can clean it up. It might have to go. PaulAds gave me some vocal clips he generated and I cut one of those into pieces and threw it around in the mix. I think they need some kind of treatment to make them, um, blend better? Not sure. I know I like the cello and the kick drum. I kinda like the violin, too. PaulAds has offered to provide me with a little more percussion and some shwooshy synthy stuff. That isn't in there yet.

What can I do to improve what I have so far?  And how do I come up with a name for this?

Hi Vicki, nice start here, it's kind of cinematic trance, if there is such a thing!

A few suggestions. The drum beat could do with variety and build. You could probably find a couple of loops to superimpose. I would also say a sub-bass line would be useful. It will be good to see what @paulads provides with extra synths, but mainly I think this one could build and build with lots of extra layers towards a big finish.

But you're up and running with some good initial ingredients, great, so good luck in shaping it up.

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Sounds good so far to me Vicki & listening to your start & @PaulAds & @pompeyjazz submissions I`ve obviously got to get my finger out with this challenge. Not really sure what trance is but its a nice piece of music which as @MichaelA suggests probably needs some light & shade but that can be added to as you go along.Looking forward to hearing the finished song.

Newest update on my trance experiment. I have now gotten a lot of help from PaulAds and cowparsleyman. I am learning things! And working on trance is good for stress relief. Actually, it's the focusing on production details and trying to understand what I am doing and/or what is happening. Occupies my mind.

Hear the update on SoundCloud:

It's great to hear that you are pushing the boundaries Vicki and also to see that the spirit of collaboration is alive and well. This is sounding excellent - It's driving, hypnotic and gets stuck in your head. Bravo  :)


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