Call Out To Me - Ashes for Dreams

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« Reply #15 on: November 10, 2019, 07:50:55 PM »
Thanks all for taking the time to listen and to comment - very much delighted it's being well received, particularly with the catchy comments  ;D ;D ;D...

@Wicked Deeds thanks a mill - and yes, I'd love to do this live.. Twould be a bit of a challenge though what with me being in Ireland and @Jambrains in Sweden..  ;D ;D ;D

@LostBoy - hey Leo :) Thanks a mill.. Now, let me phrase this carefully so as not to be throwing shades at JB  ;D ;D ;D so..... as JB is the drummer here, I'll let him respond re the section you've noted.. It's likely down to my rather fluid phrasing actually... I think I hear what you mean.. Smash you say? That works for me.. thanks so much!

Hey @Skub yeah it's funny how folky me appears to be rockier than aul' softy there in the corner :)! Thanks so much for your lovely comments.. much appreciated as always, sir! You are so supportive and it means a hell of a lot...

@Sebandme - thanks so much! Catchy works for me and yes JB can take a bow for the fab production :)

@mickyplankton Thanks for the listens and the comments.. We're having a look at the length of the chorus so thanks for that also, you make a valid point.. We'll see how that goes..  The outro, again you have a point but we're quite attached to it  ;D ;D

@shadowfax wow - thank you! That means a lot I must say!

@Cawproductions haha well that's a first but it works for me.. Yes I agree the production is top notch.. Thanks a mill for your comments.

@Jamie thanks a million - great comments and they are appreciated!

@MichaelA - thanks so much.. well catchy works for me - delighted to get that feedback.. Jeez second album? We have some work to do then : ;D ;D

@mlearymusic Thank you very much!!

@cowparsleyman well yeah I dig it too :) such fun we have.. such great comments - thanks so much!

@pompeyjazz - thank you John for your lovely comments. M8 is my favourite bit :) You are too kind, sir!!!

@dinnerwithgreedo - thank you for going to the trouble of mocking that up. We're having a look at the chorus length in particular. Much appreciated..

Hmm that was long... thanks all!