Orders From Above

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« Reply #15 on: September 15, 2019, 02:49:50 PM »
A big Thank You to all of you who took the time to listen to and review this latest track

@MichaelA Thanks Michael, I wanted to try out some different elements so glad that it worked for you

@Girlinside Hey Katie, not to worry, thanks for taking a listen anyway

@PaulAds Cheers Paul, wanted to create a somewhat sparse and bleak feeling so hopefully I've achieved that

@PaulyX Yep - I love those wonky atonal synth sounds It's from a VST (OranZe)

@NeilC - Cheers Neil - Woozy was what I was going for - Glad you liked the ending  :)

@cowparsleyman Thanks for the listen Rich and thanks for being honest. Appreciate that not everyone is going to like every song every time  :)

@Paulski I know what you mean about having to be in the mood Paul - Thanks for your review

@Skub Cheers Davy, capturing the droning effect was what I wanted to achieve and if I've made anybody think about music that I'm more than happy  :)

@Modestmouse1965/ You hit the nail on the head - Everyone is different - Vive la difference !

@MonnoDB Yay Karen - I didn't know whether using the "All you need is love" line was a bit corny but I decide to go with it anyway

@Wicked Deeds Thank you Paul - High praise indeed coming from you

@Jamie Great to hear you back on the forum - Glad you liked it. Lennon still there then  ;D

@Viscount Cramer & His Orchestra Ian - Unsettling - Good ! If it was boring I think that would be the time to pack it in. Always up for trying something different  :)

@shadowfax Hi Kev - Yep, back to my old tricks again after a bit of a break from it - Good to hear from you

Thanks All once again  :)



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« Reply #16 on: September 16, 2019, 04:07:14 PM »
The detuned chords make for a really attention grabbing start - and the hook is not at all instant - but actually insanely catchy (may be the passionate vocal).

The mismatch between "orders" and "love" is a great concept too - great stuff.