Jack the lad

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« on: August 29, 2019, 04:43:01 PM »
Em bm c
Jack the lad fell of his horse
Staggered back and ran indoors
His pill skittered on the water
Underneath a mini motor
Well,just now he 's selling lies
on a ladies tattooed thighs
Silver backs are counting sins
Hiding in recycle bins


Em d
he's a tinder honey will you mind the gap
living with his granny sitting on her lap
singing mash potatoes to a drunken crowd
Em d bm em
what a clever melon sausage brussel sprout

Em bm c
He can’t remember when or what
Happy news was on the spot
He’s feeling faint-he’s acting blind
Weighing cash and gods in mind

Cut the chorus -cry for bogs
He is starring on vile vlogs
He has lost his touch a tad
Yours truly Jack the Lad