"Jill Bruce Springsteen and me" by Paul A and The Reflections

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« Reply #15 on: September 06, 2019, 02:48:40 PM »
So many wonderful replies and compliments. @Younger Hills thank you my friend.

@tone thank you. I think a song can be so much more than the event that inspired it. All of our hardships, our dissapountnents and emotions that preceded the event are very much wrapped up in a song of this nature. Thank you.

@paulski, thank you my fellow 'Reflection.'

@Skub you have been the model collaborator. I knew this was in safe, safe hands with you. Thank you.

@nooms - my long-term collaborating partner, as always you delivered a beautiful vocal! Thank you.

@adamfarr You really seem to get what I am trying to do: the sincerity and depth of feeling in the lyrics and the emotion that I try to convey in the lyrics.

@MonnoDB thank you for your kind words.

@MichaelA  I'm so pleased that you have noticed how much attention has been lavished upon this production. Thank you.

@cowparsleyman I will say hi to Durham tomorrow and maybe watch the beautiful River Wear twist, tumble and race once again.

@Modestmouse1965/ thank you my friend and please, don't miss out on the new Springsteen album. One of my favourite albums for many, many years.

@PaulyX thank you so much. I am so pleased that you enjoyed this song.

@crystalsuzy you are too kind. I'm so pleased that you enjoyed listening.

@PaulAds, @nooms @Skub @Paulski @pompeyjazz @Neil C @Skub

I wonder if all of you gentleman would like me to write further material and continue this project. Answers on a postcard to Wicked Deeds.

Thank you all so much!


" I could wait with balance and poise, amidst all of the noise."



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« Reply #16 on: September 07, 2019, 05:15:20 PM »
It's a real nice song Paul.

When I first saw you inviting PaulAds to sing this I was intrigued and I think you made a great choice there. He does it in some style...his voice and delivery suit the song so well.
The song title is also eye-catching....not immediately obvious but if you were running down a list of songs you'd stop at this one and wonder.

Fantastic arrangement and playing by all concerned and lovely harmonies by Noomsy and interjections by PJ.

Nice intro outro sandwich with the piano part though I'm not a massive fan of water or wind sound effects but that's my problem.

It's a great track. There's a little pop at 2.59.
Take it easy.

You can check my stuff out here. Mini-album getting bigger slowly. Free download if you're poorer than me.

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« Reply #17 on: September 08, 2019, 10:08:21 AM »
Whoa, a forum supergroup.

Fantastic how this has all come together. Hats off to you all.

Sounds great.

All of the elements just work.
Love the mournful harmonica.

So tasteful.

That's enough praise - need to feed my face.  :D