Maniac & Psychopath

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« on: August 12, 2019, 04:39:41 AM »
Maniac/Psychopath/Gutless Man

Woke up this morning
hearing loud shots from Bill’s gun.
He kept on shouting,
while his wife is on the run.

So apparently,
his wife is seeing someone else.
Who wouldn’t cheat
on Bill? She better save herself.

Faster runnin’, better hidin’
would benefit her cause.
Although she too is deeply sinned,
I hope she won’t get caught

Hook 1:
He’ll grab her arm, then tie her up.
and beat her to a pulp.
He’ll give her scars. His mind blows up
if he would hear her gulp.

Gotta face the fact:
He is a maniac

I tried to sleep last night,
but someone got really loud.
I got some insight
She said “Oh my, you’re so endowed”

Wife is moanin’, Bill is slappin’;
the wife is just his slave
who’s beaten up and sufferin’,
but sex is what she craves.

Hook 2:
He let her go and plead a lot.
He’d try to make amends.
And then his glow made her forgot;
forgave him, now they're best friends.

Gotta face the fact:
She is a psychopath.

If he saw me,
that I was peepin’
through my window.
My wife would be a widow.

So I’ll just mind
my own, damn life.
I’m no saviour,
so I’ll be a good neighbour.

Gotta face the fact: He is a maniac
Gotta face the fact: She is a psychopath.
Gotta face the fact: I am a gutless man.
Gotta face the fact: 'Tis the life we have.