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« on: June 19, 2019, 06:30:22 AM »
No title

I often wish I’d walked a different path
Usually when I’m in the shower or bath
that’s when the tears I hide start to run
that’s the time I want my mum

I know that nothing can bring her back
but it stop me calling
I feel like I’m falling
into a darkness that
hides in the bottom of my mind

I’ve given up trying to explain to the world
the only thing that works
is every other day I dress as a girl

She’s  the only way
that I escape the cobwebs
and blackness of a broken being

With out her I can’t shine
and all I do is stand at the station
waiting for her to come and find me

I like the rain down my face
cos it mixes in with the tears I cry

I want her to come back
Just one more time
so I can say sorry
and then maybe the darkness
will fade away and Katie might
leave and let me live in peace