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« on: May 30, 2019, 12:43:12 PM »

If you have an artist name or stage name, how did you end choosing that particular name? I am currently working at releasing my debut EP in September, and I have been working a lot on my artist name. My Norwegian birth name isn't so international friendly, and it can give foreign languages a hard time pronouncing it correctly.

I have been looking at making my born name, a more international twist to it. So now I got "Elijah Blue". "Eli" came from the middle-name that I rarely use, and "A" and "H" are the starting letters of my first- and surname, and "Blue", well, I have blue eyes.

But I wasn't completely happy about that name, so I went back to the "thinking-box" last night. I was thinking about something "Viking-ish", cause Norway --> Vikings, and my American girlfriend calls me "her Norwegian viking", so I "LOKI" came to my mind, after checking a website over Viking names to give to a baby. But, there is a Norwegian artist here that calls himself "LOKE", and don't want to be confused with him. But I also wanted to have part of my original name "Andreas" in the name.

So I think I have finally come up with a new name, that is international friendly. "Luke Armstrong". "Luke" is the English name for "Loki", and "Armstrong" is an interpretation of my name "Andreas", where "Andreas" comes from Greek "Andros" and means "Man, strong" etc.

Just my thoughts on how I moved on to find my artist name before I start releasing albums on Spotify etc.
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« Reply #1 on: June 11, 2019, 11:41:55 AM »
@Younger Hills - Good question, I've had a couple of stage names over the years, one was "Studs" from a Benny Hill character called 'Studs Ramrod', a cheap porn film director, he looked just brilliant, had the huge moustache, the tight flares etc, and he just made me laugh, and at the time I as gigging quite a bit, so just for a laugh I though I'd take that on, worryingly my band members also felt the need to call me that too, and it stuck, then I moved bands and I found myself calling me it too, uuuurgghh.

For you I'd pick something short and with a chacater in it from your native language, that's always cool for English and US fans, even if it doesn't make too much sense in Norwegian, something like LøKI but with the O crossed out character, or that Danish A with a little o on the top, or put the S the other way round RISKI (a la Ota Riski in Finnish - a great track by Lucas - check it out)

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