Pretty man

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« on: May 21, 2019, 01:16:46 PM »
Pretty man

I was sitting by the roadside , deciding what to do
surrounded by cans and used needles
I’d got to a place where the end was near
people walked past and laughed and jeered

I looked up and I saw your face
it wasn’t right you were at this place
but you kept on looking and didn’t move
you didn’t laugh or disapprove

You were dressed like a queen
but I knew you were a man
but it didn’t matter
I could see you cared

You cupped my face and held my hand
I was dressed in rags as you pulled me up
I could see your love for human kind
you didn’t speak but gave me a dime

You restored my faith in the world I live
then disappeared into the crowds
I didn’t move for an hour or two
but the seed was already planned

I never did see
that pretty man ever again
maybe it was all in my mind
but now I’m a pretty man myself
and I save men on roadsides like me