You Held Your Tongue

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« on: May 13, 2019, 11:01:57 PM »
Not sure of the title. Freshly written on a dark subject matter. i dunno why I wrote it, just did. Actually, I just started with a line and a tune, and I think it wrote itself. It's about someone who was hanged for a crime they didn't commit. Nobody real in mind. As I wrote it, I wanted it more of a "story" than being preachy about capital punishment.


This travesty of justice
Is stained with rusty tears
The truth was there before your eyes
A shadow on your fear

The trap door sprang
The body fell
A final rasping breath
A troubled man
Who couldn’t help
But plead his way to death

And you
You just stood by
You didn’t try
To right the wrong
Yes you
You could have saved
Him from the grave
But held your tongue

They came for him at twilight
So certain of his guilt
The circumstantial evidence
Was all the case they built

The hammer fell
Upon his plea
His lawyer said to take
“You might as well
Not fight; you see
Their minds have all been made”

But you
You just stood by
You kept the lie
Within your soul
Cos you
Had built a cage
Around your rage
You let him go

Would the world have listened to you?
Now you’ll never know
Cry your empty tears. You know you
Could have saved his soul

It’s true
You just stood by
And watched him die
When all along
It was you!
Who took the life
You held the knife
And held your tongue

You blinked your eyes
And he was gone…
Then darkness fell
As the 1st God and the 2nd burned in hell
And all alone
Stood the 3rd God looking wearied to the bone

- War of the Gods : ©2005 Sterix


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« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2019, 04:53:03 AM »
This tells a really compelling story.  Not too much of the story, and not too little.  Beautifully done in my opinion.

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