Storming My Walls

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« on: March 29, 2019, 10:11:49 PM »
One I've just knocked up. Started writing it, not knowing where it was heading. It quickly headed into a very dark place! So if you don't want to read lyrics about a suicide don't read on!


Watching the setting sun
Staring down at the gun
Feeling the sting of the tears in my eyes
Night falls on me for the very last time

No point in going on
Trying to right the wrongs
No point in stretching for stars out of reach
Time to accept there's no sealing the breach

Dark is the night
Fear clutches tight
Open the wound and settle inside
Don't understand
This just wasn't planned
Now it's too late to stand up like a man

Shadows... falling... dancing... storming my walls

Don't want to close my eyes
Seeing you every night
Twisting your smile like a knife in my heart
You fed me pain that was right off the charts

Now you're just an empty space
A choice that I can't erase
But I can't untangle the fake from the real
My memories aren't always truth but belief

Cold is the night
Tears coat my eyes
Watching the stars for that one final time
Hear the demands
Of the deafening sands
Slipping through time and the palms of my hands

Arrows... flying... certain... storming my walls


Watching the rising sun
So red, so full of blood
Taunting my mind with the call of my fate
Time has run out but I still hesitate

Staring at the gun
Slowly aimed towards the sun
Pulling the trigger in cold, futile rage
The next one's for me, say goodbye to the stage

Here is the dawn
Gentle and warm
Here lies a man who just could not go on
Here is the end
The curtain descends
On loneliness, suffering, anger and pain

And somewhere... out there... beyond... this world... darkness... sorrow...

...storming my walls
Then darkness fell
As the 1st God and the 2nd burned in hell
And all alone
Stood the 3rd God looking wearied to the bone

- War of the Gods : ©2005 Sterix