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Tonight he’s having a tipple and a shave
He’s singing low and feeling brave
He’s pressing his shirt cos with a bit of luck
He’ll tear the streets for a good old Plan Z
Bleep bleep bleep what’s that
It’s plan Z every bit of it
It means he doesn’t give a Plan z
Bleep bleep bleep

Plan Z
That’s what he said
That’s what I need to paint the town red

Tonight she’s having pose and a tipple 
We hope to enjoy her pleasing feeble giggle
She’ll wear blue and possibly red
She’s got no plan a b or z
Bleep bleep bleep whats that
It’s plan z every bit of it
It means she doesn’t give a plan z

Bleep bleep bleep censorship
Hey that judge in a high chair
Is he all right up there
Plan z he said
The aforementioned plan z
Addles my brain can any of you youngsters explain
But they just said plan z
Then wrecked streets ahead
He and she fell into step thanks to plan z
He said let’s turn the night into a French scene
Can I have a slice of your time Madame Guillotine
She thought his remark was rather jaw dropping
In a farm meadow where bodies were cropping
She said let’s not dilly dally in these autumn gilded streets
Your e= mc2 is giving me the creeps
Why can’t you just kiss me before you go red
And tell me more about your plan z

Plan z internet
Plan z what you get
Plan z amaze balls
Plan z you fools
Plan z bleep bleep bleep
Plan z in the street
Plan z you rave
Plan z your shave
plan z tipple
plan z giggle

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