Whiskey On The Hurt

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« Reply #15 on: February 13, 2019, 08:28:09 PM »
@PaulAds: thank for the kind words and re that bass note: yes you are an old fool  ;D

@Sing4me88: thanks for taking the time to listen and comment, much appreciated! :-)

@Pompey: thanks, glad you enjoyed the mandolin, it will take a while to figure out how to play it properly  :)

@Skub: Thank you! If it feels familiar at first listen it can be that it is a good song or it could be I re-invented an existing one. Let us hope it's the first one  ;D ;D ;D

@dinnerwithgreedo: thanks a mill!

@montydog: Chuffed....such comments means a lot coming from you :-) :-)

@mikek: thanks! Some good suggestions re the lyrics. @MonnoDB also commented on the two 'away' but it did not disturb me enough to change it, guess I pay more attention to the music than the lyrics really

@Paulski: thanks for very kind words, very much appreciated!

@Rightly: thanks for taking the time to listen and comment! :-)

@Cawproductions: thank you!

@MichaelA: very much appreciated (and I'll try to write less good songs in the future  ;D ;D)

@LostBoy: thanks mate! The 'uke' is a mandolin ;-)

@diademgrove : glad I could give you a good start! :-)
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« Reply #16 on: February 14, 2019, 01:16:13 AM »
You have such a distinct sound JB. I'd recognize it anywhere, which is a real compliment IMO :) Love the addition of the mandolin, but when
you morph so seamlessly into the electric guitar, it brings it to a whole other level  :o
I love the lyrics in this one, and of course your signature vocals are amazing :o
This should be on the radio along with all the other songs you and Karen have produced :-*