2019 new competition - ideas?

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« Reply #30 on: February 07, 2019, 05:47:16 PM »
Yeah. Well done for keeping this idea going, Martin.

Count me in for submitting an entry...and i will help any way I can.

Forum seems to be struggling a bit lately...apart from the "finished songs" section, it's a bit quiet...


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« Reply #31 on: February 07, 2019, 06:36:11 PM »
Thank you both! (And @adamfarr )

I agree with you Paul. I've occupied myself a bit going through the forum statistics, it's in my blood, and things seem to have settled quite a lot since the high tides of 2016.

I personally find it a bit of a struggle to comment on songs that are actually finished. It's like the song comes in second hand and the production's in the spotlight. I'm fairly confident in my ability to analyze a song, but when it comes to production I'm at a loss. Most of the music I listen to have no common ideal of production. It's almost like the production is more coincidental than idealistic. I seldom hear a certain production value when I listen to Chopin. Some players just make it sound better. My personal reflection is that the concept of production, not arranging, is the cause of the constant degradation of quality in popular and unpopular music. Forget the robot conspiracy. Recent the inbred ideals of production! 

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