Larry Carlton Sound - at last

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« on: January 10, 2019, 09:20:15 PM »
Well I never, who would have thought it, after recently nailing a long time Holy Grail, I nailed another only a week later...I'v long been a fan of Larry Carlton, his playing and tone are astonishing, and have been spending many many years trying to nail both, I guess the easiest thing is the sound, but even that eluded me for so long....but not anymore.

Bought the Amplitude 4  Mesa Boogie collection, spent 10 minutes with the Mk III and my 335, nailed it. If anyone wants the settings.
Its the creamiest sound you'll ever hear, bags of sustain, but not overly distorted, just magic to my ears.

Now the difficult bit... 8)

Room 335, more like Shed 1.5 ha ha

Listen to Room 335 from the album 'Larry Carlton' this was my holy grail, sounds easy, but it ain't.