Fender Amp Sound at last

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« on: January 07, 2019, 08:48:30 AM »
I've been wanting to nail that wonderous Fender amp sound for many years, in fact I used to have a pro reverb, but never got on with it, then it was a Musicman 210 65 which was simply wonderful...

I have a Palmer Fat 50, now there's an amp, but it doesn't do the fender sound, I have tried the following (I did contemplate the Fender Hot Rod Deville, but I don't have space for 2 amps, and I don't play live that much)

The enormous Vox Tonelabs SE footpedal, close but no cigar, 
Waves GTR amp sim and Magix Vandal amp Sim... nowhere near
I also demo'd Scuffham S-Gear, but again they didn't nail it...

So I tried the Amplitude Fender Collection 2 and that really is the bees knees, very very good, and on offer (about £100) so I'm one happy Axeman, makes my guitars play themselves.

Just thought I'd pass this on if anyone has the same holy grail.