Continent of You

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« Reply #15 on: January 06, 2019, 02:50:40 PM »
You're really talented dude, great song, fabulous sound and production. At the right time too with The 1975 and Pale Waves being popular. Good luck with the album :)


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« Reply #16 on: January 08, 2019, 02:14:51 PM »
@shadowfax Thank you! Yep I agree it is incredibly repetitive but that is by design. I sort of stumbled upon that chorus tune, realised it worked through all four chords and then had it stuck in my head for weeks. with the structure of this song I wanted that chorus to be driven in to your skull almost to the point of annoyance. It's a fine line! hopefully I didn't cross it hahaha

@pompeyjazz Thank you very much. I am aware that radio and TV and fame is a pipe dream, but it's fun to think about. I am glad you like the music. The album will be out sooner rather than later.

@Movin Flavour I am glad the middle choir bit took you by surprise, that is what I hoped it would do. I kept it short and sweet so people would have something to go back to for a 2nd listen, plus really wanted to keep this one around the 3min mark. I actually forgot to mention in the original post that all those voices you hear in that choir section are my Dad haha. He is very good at arranging vocals.

@Neil C this actually started off as an experiment in keeping the same four chords throughout a song but keeping a verse chorus structure which is not the way I usually write. I am glad you noticed! You may very well be correct about the guitars being out of sync. I will go back and tweak them. I confess I got a bit lazy with this one and began to copy and paste. It will be on the radio in my dreams in a few months time.

@Bill Saunders That's such a lovely reply Bill. I am glad I have inspired you and hope you break out of your writer's block soon. It comes in waves! I have found myself in a dry spell before now and realised there is no point fighting it. You just have to ride the wave and when the time is right you will write again. If there is one thing I have learned it's that writing a catchy song is the HARDEST thing about writing a song.

@Wicked Deeds Yeah the 80s has gone through a tough time but I think the revival is happening now. It's definitely cool again among my generation to listen to 80s music. I have not listened to Prefab Sprout much so will have to give them a go.

@mikek Yep you are right about my vocals in the second verse. I found it surprisingly hard to sing actually and was trying to record with all the noise restraints that come with living in a house of other people. I have moved out now though and can make all the noise I want so will have another pop at it. I LOVE that you have had this stuck in your head. That was almost my only intention of this piece. Thanks.

@tboswell It is against my better nature to recycle a tune for a middle 8 and chorus but I did it here to pummel you with that hook. I know it can begin to wear thin though haha. Glad you liked the tune

@Paulski Thank you very much. Hopefully you will be humming this. With regards to the title, I needed something memorable and that was the phrase from the lyrics that jumped out of me. I am turned off by titles that are forgettable and all the chorus lyrics are simple and recycled phrases haha

@Skub Thanks for that, mate, now Incontinent of You is all I am ever going to think of when I see this song title hahaha. Thank you for the kind words.

@MichaelA THANK YOU :D

@cowparsleyman Thanks for the mixing advice it is very handy. I think you are right about the drums and I will go back and fix that. @2.23 are you referring to the main synth line being too loud? And I must ask: what is an eBow? I will also take the acoustic guitar out of the a capella section and see how that sounds because I think you could be on to something there.

@adamfarr Thank you for your feedback! I agree it isn't a particularly coherent vocal piece. The lyrics were written incredibly quickly so that might have something to do it. Something about love that just makes you want to spill on to a page though, right?

@RealKevM Cheers Kev.

Thank you everyone for listening. I really appreciate it. Great advice all round.