Imagine My Surprise

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« Reply #15 on: February 29, 2020, 04:35:35 PM »
@PaulAds Hi Paul, I don't think I was around the forum when you posted this, so better late than never.........

I think most people can relate to this which makes it a 'universal' theme. When you get a job, was it because the best candidate turned it down, did you get a girlfriend/partner because the first choice wasn't available,etc etc. Who hasn't been there. Also, on the songwriting thing, unless you are a musician, and I use that term loosely in my case :P, people have no idea of the skill,effort and energy that goes into doing what we do, and when you get a less than effusive response to a song it's pretty disheartening, a bit like saying to somebody that there baby was ugly.Always enjoy your stuff Paul, keep on keeping on, as they used to say...........