"Love Me A Little More"

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« on: August 05, 2018, 01:53:34 AM »
"Love Me A Little More"

Lullabies, float upon the breeze to me, I hear sweet melodies
cast a line and return yourself  back to the seas
with whispered tendrils of hinted abandon
a carnival in full bloom does await
no need to further ruminate on details so minor
love me a little more, nothing is finer

Oh, the storm is finally passing
it drenched the land for too long
a prayer answered,
the dark clouds just scooted away like a figment of a dream
or, so it does seem...

It seems to me a doctor could easily cure our ills
with reassurance, understanding, and without any pills
you whisper softly "it's good to be alive"
you kid not, hallelujah, though hornets still patrol the hive 
savory flavors waft up the midway at a carnival in memory
In the darkest moment of the night a bell may chime a noonday call
and with the right ears I could hear it cry out and rescue my soul by pointing the way, a tad nearer to whole.

Love me a little more, with the tenacity of a soldier,
a little more each and every day
I yearn for your chuckle
and I often dream of you
though right by my side you cocoon
ensconced as we are in our cozy bedroom,
enraptured by the pall of the
deep in dreams, everything is as it seems
We get closer to heaven each and every day
so, Love Me A Little More, just fall into my outstretched arms and beguile me with your joy, spirited uplifting with no effort at all, natural inspiration, yes baby, oh joy! 

Imaginations, run free
more good news and, perhaps a child to love soon may be delivered to us
yet, for now there is only you and me
You and me
and the memories of laughter and joy,
at the cusp of the shimmering sea...

Love me a little more,
as If I'm a sightseer
take me on a guided tour
Love me a little more