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« on: April 13, 2018, 07:25:52 AM »
Pit Sixty Six

From the bottomless pit
You clawed crawled out of it
And lost your balance
Living on the lip
You spoke of demons
Deep in the heart of it
And showed your scars
To prove you'd lost and lived
You made your mark
Somewhere in the dark
You left for far off
And landed at the start

Begin again
Until the bitter end

You flew and fell
You spiraled down the well
Through all the cost
You never lost yourself
From your molten core
You wished for so much more
Than any change
Could ever afford

Down hell's throat
The smoke's so thick you choked
From the lowest level
So the devil spoke
Quoting jokes
And that was all you wrote

My Apologies

So sorry that I'm always such a screw up
But the room is spinning too much
I'm sinking into the floor
So sorry that you always have to worry
That I'm lost and in a hurry
That I'm going to get hurt
So sorry that I keep apologizing
I just keep on realizing that I'm wrong
And that I was all along
So sorry I just finished off a forty
And I'm seeing you in double
Could you pay attention for me
Let me know when you're in trouble
I'll be there anywhere
Lead me to your lair
You always seem to give a second chance
And say when seconds turn to years
You will still be standing here
Facing the fears that I can't
You turn the stumble to a dance
And the fall into flight
You turn the burn into a brand
You make the fire a light
You make the wrong alright


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« Reply #1 on: April 15, 2018, 02:54:00 AM »
This is the first album worth of songs I wrote. I'm trying to do something beyond just writing lyrics and it doesn't always translate. This is a wall of text, there was some deeper meaning to it that I mostly forget. It's staccato but Homer got away with it. I break lines early, usually it is to facilitate a third meaning that only exists when looking at the "lines" separately but here, the lines were written as they were sung.

The Process
Stockholm Syndrome
A New Dogma
Mind the Wolves
A Bad Trip
La Reata
Never Heavier Sky
Marble Maiden

Raise me right
I'll never fall if I always crawl
Under the glow of a fluorescent light
Save my mind,
Don't teach me about pain
I'll be right all along
If I don't know wrong
Or they might just be the same
If I can't tell time
I will live forever
My mind and heart
May never sever
If I don't know better
I will not complain
Without pride
I cannot be shamed
;I see Rapture
When I close my eyes
Start to fall asleep
When they're open wide
All I've known
Is Purgatory
And that it is
The best thing for me
;I'll put my faith
In anything
If I'll live on past my days
I'll live on in ignorance
In place of malaise
You lie to me
To justify
Why you're living life this way
Raise me right
Against the wall I can watch it all
I know it has my back
Seeing clear
Through glass eyes
My perception fades to black
Let me start living by
My own ideals
I can't go on
Knowing only what you tell me's real
It's harder than you think
To watch the paint peel
Am I wrong?
How am I supposed to feel?
Won't you offer me
My one last meal
Before you turn away?
Is nothing ever exactly how you say?
I've seen your truth
For so long now
It's time to make my own
Stockholm syndrome
;I don't know why
The more time I spend with you
The more I feel alone
I've been fed so many lies
They've put meat on my bones
Everything's a shade of grey
And you're monotone
If you wanted things to stay the same
You should have just stayed home
Where the wind won't direct you
Where the sun won't persuade you
If you wanted your silence
You should have stayed all alone
Where my noise won't distract you
And you can think
For yourself
But I'm not gonna
Leave that easily
;Never wanting any more than needed
Needing more than you could ever want
Forgetting faces as they close the door
Still hear them through
The walls they haunt
Acceptance is the ask
Tolerance is the offer
Take what you can amass
And leave what you came for
;If you wanted things to stay the same
You should have just stayed home
Where the wind won't choke you
And the moon is always framed
We were cursed
Born without a snout
Mind the wolves
Before they turn you inside out
Woven in the flock
Your snarl gives you away
Devour the sheep
That you portray
;Moss crept to your doorstep
And you were none the wiser
It's that green hue
You've known so long that now red seems brighter
There is an edge around every bend
Mend the circle, find the end
Someone's killing crows
I wonder how
They catch them
;Another loss in the murder
With no victims to find
Faster without those
Who were falling behind
It's trivial
To mourn the new
Tasteless hunger mind the few
There isn't much I wouldn't do
But all that's left I'd ask of you
A different species, we're a world apart
I'm an
Automaton with a handgrenade heart
I said
'Finding peace wouldn't take persistence
But a fool's perspective on your sad existence'
;Another good dog trained to bite
Stole your throat just to survive
Another coward taught to fight
Using all his words in spite
;The shepherd offers ignorance
The wolves promise more
They both eat your kind
Steel wool is forced
Things have changed
'Sall we know
All us sheep in wolves clothes
It's not that it's a bad trip
It's that I think I'm falling for it
I never knew when I made my bed
That I
Would lay here for so long
Kept trying to tell myself that this
Would be the last one
My friend,
How could you betray?
It's too easy for me to say
That tomorrow
I'll be able to stay away
;I fell so slow but it
Went so fast
You lift me so high up
But it
Doesn't last
I try to tell you that
Somewhere in this bad trip is me
I've fallen overboard and waves
Are all I see
;And I'll try to convince myself
That this was not my fault
I can't put you down
I know I'm not the only one
Who would trade it all away
To just feel numb
I need some inspiration
It's missing from me
Illusions of grandeur
Are all I see
All the days
Are all the same
I'll try to sleep
To stay sane
Half asleep
Half awake
You might be a dream
A chance I'll take
;I'm not sleeping yet
;Giving up
Becomes a chore
But I think I could manage
Once more
;I know I'd feel
If I could move
My exhaustion has left me subdued
Every face
And every word
Distorted 'till they're all absurd
Wake me up
From this daze
Clear my head from this hypnotic haze
I can't sleepwalk for the rest of my days
;Nothing more that I can do
To silence my mind
Looking for an excuse
To waste my time
;I'm not sleeping yet
Cause my time is vital
I'm trailing in the human race
Find it hard
To keep the pace
Lost track one too many times
Settled in this place
Memories laid to waste
By all I've used
To drown these days
Now the lines on my dust covered map
Have turned to walls
And if I'm not careful
Everyone will turn to stone
Could you stand to see me fall?
Watch me crumble mind and all?
;Can't find a way to liberate me
When all my past does
Is complicate me
No more contemplating
Whether I should be free
I've seen enough to know
I'll never know what lies ahead of me
And maybe if I step into the light
I'll be seen
;My elbows have decayed
And my ankles just gave way
As I limp my arms sway
Swing like pendulums
Counting down the day
;Tortured by confinement
In this concrete cube
Obscured by insanity
No place for a proper view
These supports that held me up
No longer strong enough
Clairvoyance is so abrupt,
Those strings have all been cut
Ascension is so corrupt
Those doors have all been shut
I can't stand to see you fall,
Watch you crumble mind and all
Spread your seeds of parody
Starve out all the grass with weeds
Knight your slaves, Your Majesty
And strike one down for all to see
;I know you boiled the seas
And burned the deserts down
I was there when you made the world
Spin the other way around
I saw you trade your sight
To kill the sun you found too bright
The you that I knew
Never knew what was right
But now you're strange
And now you might
;Spread your seeds of irony
Starve out all the grass with weeds
Terrified you'll never leave
As long as I believe in you
;Spread your seeds of tragedy
Starve out all the grass with weeds
Grew to tall for me to see
Strangled by the blades and reeds
Come on closer
I will count my steps
Tunnel deeper
I will reach your depths
But you're a poltergeist
You are just a vision
In the corner of my eye
You're a satellite
Every step I take
You drift further away
;Well, oh well
The clouds are rolling in
If you're gonna get soaked
You might as well swim
You'll lose it all slow
Unless you go all in
;You're so shallow, you know
That floating face down
You're still deep enough to drown in
You're so irrational
Taking every step
In two directions
;You're so impossible
Showing other skies
In your reflection
;I'm at the mercy of the undertow
And the never heavier sky
That's pushing me below
I made a unique coffin
And now I'll strive to fit inside
What will keep me from the jagged nails?
What will keep me from my jaded thoughts?
What will keep you from remembering me
and help you see that I am not?
;All I built fell apart
Now a path once an arch
Carved from stone
My demons are faceless
Spinning a web
In case this goes wrong
Keep them safe for me
In case this takes too long
You hailed on Mary
Now she's unconscious
When did you get so cruel?
;I tried so long to calm my nerves
Now I've scared them straight
Gave myself what I deserve
Should've starved but I took the bait
My hair all turned to snakes
When I killed you with a gaze
Don't count on me to light the way
I'll leave you blind
I'll lead astray
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« Reply #2 on: April 15, 2018, 07:00:58 AM »
Good morning.

I really haven't time to read all this and give it the attention it deserves.
I read some and I like what you're doing.
Some images leave me cold and some are touching and have me rereading them.

Overall I really like what you're doing , I appreciate your originality.
Keep it up. I'll have another look later.


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And there you have it. 



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« Reply #3 on: April 15, 2018, 01:07:18 PM »
Hi @Fellswell

My first thought is you need to split out the songs so we can easily see them as separate ones - turn them into bite-size chunks so to say. I don't know about other people but I'm likely to need some breaks reading all those lyrics but, as they're all seemingly merged together, it's a little off-putting...
She was cast from Heaven
Found a place in Hell
She seduced the Devil
He screamed as he fell!

- What Made Me Think : ©2018 Sterix


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« Reply #4 on: April 15, 2018, 07:25:40 PM »
Thanks for the replies. I'm glad you are enjoying it Rightly. Great name by the way.

 That was the reason for the intro, Sterix. I said "this is a wall of text". I'm trying to fit as much meaning in as little space as possible and adding meaning to the format itself was something I couldn't get away from. The 'album' itself is called 'The Process', I should have probably put it in binary code. I've written enough that I feel I can get creative with the delivery. It's also why I threw 11 extra songs under one thread titled 'Knock Knock'. You are absolutely right though, I'm piling lyrics up at this point and I mainly want them out there in some capacity so my time spent doesn't feel like a void.

Here are some more:


Shelly Shelly Shelly
You're so smelly smelly smelly
I can tell it on the telephone
Something's stewing brewing
In your belly belly belly
You really should have stayed at home
Go live in a wigwam
For the circulation
Your bowel's a timebomb
Your stomach's gone rotten
What have you eaten
A feast full of feet
Furry meat off the street
Or the ass off a sheep

The flies fly around
Too many to count
Honey you've got a crown
Smelliest in town

Have you gotten used to it
The rot aroma you emit
Your horrible aura withers flora
It hovers over visibly
Affecting us physically