Getting focus by not doing other peoples songs

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« on: February 09, 2018, 04:51:36 PM »
I used to try to play other peoples songs, and I got fed up with it because I always compared the finished work with the original, I would spend ages getting 'that sound' or 'that hook', I'm sure you've been there.

Some years ago my wife suggested that I don't do anyone elses songs, just mine, so I did, and by golly, what a difference that has made to me, It's fired me up, made the best of my time, and gave me so much focus, in so many areas, including...Songwriting,Recording,Mixing, Mastering even playing technique and equipment.

Occasionally I get inspired, knocked sideways by other people's work and I have to succumb, but this is really very rare, and it's good to get that out of one's system.

A Korean friend sent me the original of this song and I had that moment of love for a song, so I decided to do my own version, it kept me awake at night, and distracted during the day, for weeks.

It's a beautiful song, but I wanted to do my version of it, to me it was clear as day what I wanted.

It really has been a revelation, focusing on just my ideas. I don't get distracted by fashion, fad or 'Oh I like that hook, or that lyric'...

So has anyone else made the decision not to play anyone else's songs? and how has it affected your focus.

I'll be very interested in your responses.