Wanted: Female singer for collaboration

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« on: February 15, 2018, 07:02:25 PM »
my name is Rob. I'm a musician who likes to produce music and songs in my home studio. My main instrument is guitar but I play bass and some piano/keyboards as well as mixing and mastering. I'm looking for a female singer who can write melodies and lyrics to put to my music, or maybe you also compose bits as well as sing and have some ideas that need developing. Must have a decent mic, pre-amp and DAW (I use Reaper). The music I write is mainly melodic guitar or synth pop, with some ambient acoustic and singer/songwriter-type stuff along the way. Must have some previous experience and done some previous recordings and understand the basics of song structure (verse/bridge/chorus/mid 8 etc). I'm passionate and serious about writing and recording. It's a hobby but I like to work properly and get things done so good e-mail communication is important too for discussing details of song parts and so on. I'm looking to work using online collaboration only, so filesharing is the way I usually work. No EDM, Metal or Hardcore. If you're interested PM me at my inbox. Here's a link to my Soundcloud. You can listen to some of my finished songs that I've co-wrote and produced.


Thanks :)