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January 16, 2018, 09:09:27 PM
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Read January 02, 2018, 11:21:13 PM #15

Re: Man Reborn (Produced by Pompey Jazz)

I've listened to this stomper a few times over the past weeks and it grows on me like a 3 day stubble.

Top work Darren and John.  Cool
Read January 04, 2018, 01:05:06 PM #16
Neil C

Re: Man Reborn (Produced by Pompey Jazz)

Nice one,
I enjoyed this its got a good synchronised grove going on. I liked the meaty guitars and drums with had an 80's feel.
And I liked the deep tone of your vocals for much of this. The verses work well, the bit I'm less sure about is the chorus and to a degree the pre chorus. There are a couple of line where you've a lots of words and you slip down ( sink so low ) or up to the note on the chorus.  I'd consider doing multiple takes between lines to give yourself time to breath and work on hitting the notes that offend, you're not far off but as others have said you are melodically jumping around a fair bit.
Well produced and not too long.
Good luck


songwriter of no repute..
Read January 04, 2018, 04:50:51 PM #17

Re: Man Reborn (Produced by Pompey Jazz)

Liking this song..everything works nicely, the almost spoken vocal fits it perfectly..good job!!!
Read January 04, 2018, 07:03:23 PM #18
Viscount Cramer & His Orchestra

Re: Man Reborn (Produced by Pompey Jazz)

I know I've already commented on this's bloody great!

Love it!

Take it easy.

You can check my stuff out here. Mini-album getting bigger slowly. Free download if you're poor.

Easy Life - Viscount Cramer
Read January 06, 2018, 03:54:48 PM #19

Re: Man Reborn (Produced by Pompey Jazz)

How did I miss this one?!
It's ace.  That sawing rhythm of the main guitar is what really makes it for me.
The best one of yours I've heard Darren.  Really nice half-sung half-narrated delivery - your voice sounds a bit Mark Lanegan in places... deep down and gruff.
The only bit I didn't like was the synths, they just felt a bit out of place to me - I'd swap them for a nice gnarly guitar solo I think.
That's a tiny crit about an epic song though - hats off to both of you.

It's all too beautiful.
Read January 06, 2018, 05:13:36 PM #20
Morefrog Jones

Re: Man Reborn (Produced by Pompey Jazz)

Great lyric writing and a good song - love the feel of the backing track music.
Read January 11, 2018, 08:08:22 PM #21

Re: Man Reborn (Produced by Pompey Jazz)

Wow some more great comments, thanks forum!!


Thank you so much, really glad you liked it Smiley


What can I say, you brought it to life! Thank you so much Smiley


Thanks for listening and commenting and for the feedback on the reverb! Really please you liked it Smiley


Yes we do Tongue thanks for listening and for your kind comments


Thanks Adam, great to hear all the positive feedback regarding my vocal. It amazes me how a few have been like 'not sure on the keys' and you're like 'can you bring em in earlier' Tongue just shows that a lot comes down to tastes. Thank for listening and you comments Smiley


Haha glad it does!! And thank you for enjoying it!!

Neil C

Thanks you very much. Your comments on tracking my vocals are real helpful. Only recently worked out how to do this in Reaper but it is something I am definitely going to implement and practice.


Thank you for listening and commenting!!

Viscount Cramer & His Orchestra

That you have come back to comment again means a lot and makes me smile! Thank you Viscount Smiley


Thanks very much! For listening and your very kind comments Smiley Mark Lanegan, one to look up Tongue

Morefrog Jones

Thanks Morefrog!! I am glad you liked it

Thank you all for listening and commenting really means a lot, and your comment really help me move forward with this music production malarky.

All the best


Read January 12, 2018, 09:15:25 PM #22

Re: Man Reborn (Produced by Pompey Jazz)

By the end of listening to this I went from not liking it to really liking it. I love hearing songs that have non-obvious melodies and chords and you've got a great chorus there. The lyrics read quite melodramatic but then the actual music is this kind of fun, deapan Lou Reed/Jona Lewie kind of execution which seems to thumb its nose at the seeming doom and gloom in the lyrics and say "ahh life sucks, who cares, chin up".

I can see what you're saying about the vocal, the sort of slightly off-key thing is defs a valid style but its a tightrope and the more complex melody lines can tend not to come over - I'd love to hear the chorus slightly more nailed, pitch-wise. Ignore the sticks-in-mud who are poo-pooing your synths. They're like the people who toured with the Beatles in '62 and went "ooo, shaking your mop tops? I'd drop that if I were you".
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