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December 14, 2017, 02:35:38 AM
Anthony Lane - Look what weve become | New album out now
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Read October 11, 2017, 09:01:42 AM #0

Waltz Rawk

I haven't posted one for a while,so I'll inflict this one onya!

It's a bit of an anti war rant which expresses the helplessness of the little guy who always seems to be along for the sail driven by the wind of our political 'leaders' and boy do some of them have wind.

The song is in the form of a waltz,since most of us are dancing to their tune.

Here we go marching,we're off to war
No one's quite sure what we're fighting for
What are we fighting for?

We don't do politics,we're out in the cold
Politicians do policy,we do what we're told
We do what we're told

Perhaps the day's coming we'll dare to ask why
Is it for freedom and country,or for money,we die?

Ratings are falling,we must retain power
A real vote winner,what we need is a war
Another fine war

Perhaps the day's coming we'll dare to ask why
Is it for freedom and country,or for money,we die?

Here we go dancing and shaking our thing
While our masters stand over us and pull on our strings
They pull on our strings

Titillate and fascinate with toys they distract
Use us,abuse us,it's time now to act
Time now to act

Perhaps the day's coming we'll dare to ask why
Is it for freedom and country,or for money,we die?
« Last Edit: October 11, 2017, 10:11:13 AM by Skub »

Read October 11, 2017, 09:10:45 AM #1

Re: Waltz Rawk

Nice idea doing the heavy guitar a la Strauss...great when the marching boots came in..made me think of Germans..hhmmm, wonder why Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
mega guitar break...
what a good song !!!!
on a tech note the vocal was very sharp on my gear....

best, Kevin Smiley
« Last Edit: October 11, 2017, 10:16:07 AM by shadowfax »

Read October 11, 2017, 10:21:43 AM #2

Re: Waltz Rawk

You are right on the vocal tone,Kev. I went a little overboard on the filter! Adjusted now,hopefully less sore on the ears! Thanks man.

Lyrics up too. I think I need a minder today!  Cheesy
Read October 11, 2017, 12:41:56 PM #3
Wicked Deeds

Re: Waltz Rawk

Solid guitar and drums.  The music has a marching feel to match the activity of marching soldiers.  Backing vocals work very well - they sound very cool.  Solo works but maybe introduce it gradually instead of going for it from the introduction of this section.  Pleased to hear the marching steps introduced to the mix - helps deliver the lyrical message.  Love the late backing vocals before the second marching steps - they sound like Roy Orbison.  A solid song and production.  Well done!


" I'm the thief who stole the riches in the night."
Read October 11, 2017, 08:10:35 PM #4

Re: Waltz Rawk

Very poignant Davy especially as I've just been watching the excellent series about the Vietnam war. The waltz timing works really well and your vocals get better and better and you're the king of the bvs for sure  Smiley Guitar is exceptional as usual  Smiley
Read October 11, 2017, 08:19:01 PM #5
Silver Machine

Re: Waltz Rawk

Dude, to be straight with ya I wasn't sure the waltz beat totally worked with that guitar riff.
It sounded a bit clunky and a waltz has to swing a bit. But the musicality is all there.
Ok, Funworld this isn't, but yeah the lyrics are good.
When the boots were made for walking, I got the image of soldiers waltzing into battle,
which if they was wearing them kilt things would scare the shit outta that enemy.
Read October 12, 2017, 08:01:34 AM #6

Re: Waltz Rawk

 Hehe  Grin Grin Lovin this Skub..

 The waltz time signature and the tempo you've used gives it a
 clumsy/awkward charm, which draws you in and holds you there.
 A bit like getting stuck in the swamp/bog  Grin Grin It has a plodding
 elegance, that made me smile all the way through......the stomping
 marching feet are an inspired touch, and just love the sentiment and
 subject.  Of course, the solo guitar is outstanding.  Can hear the years
 of practice there  Grin Grin  A FAMILIAR FRIEND INDEED.....

 Loved it....

Nowt as queer as gran
Read October 12, 2017, 09:55:23 AM #7

Re: Waltz Rawk

Great lyric, Davy.

I do love a waltz myself...the marching boots helpmto ram the message home.

There’s a great rough edge to you voice here which I don’t think I’ve heard before.

Most enjoyable. The people are waking up...a little scary, but an amazing time to be alive.

Some great guitar work too. Thanks for letting us hear it  Smiley

heart of stone, feet of clay, knob of butter
Read October 12, 2017, 06:27:56 PM #8

Re: Waltz Rawk

Given this a couple of runs now... Love the words and the subject of the song.
Waltz-tempo is hard I think. It´s great fun to play on guitar but when it is time to add the drums it´s often gets "strutty" (Bang, tjoff-tjoff aaaand repeat). Somehow the chorus ducks that. The song comes alive in the chorus in a way that the verses don´t deliver (IMHOP). Guess it´s because of the longer notes/guitarwork, leaving the um-pa-pa to the bass and drums. More contrast. I also like the songmelody a lot better in the chorus since it´s more on its own, above, not on top of the chords.  Smiley

But you know me and what I like. To bl**dy mucho everything Cheesy
Read October 13, 2017, 07:11:46 AM #9

Re: Waltz Rawk

Voice sounding truly great here Mr Skub. The lyrics too - strong clear message delivered with no ambivalence or cliche.
A bit like Skogge the chorus zinged more than the verse for me, I think I found the crunch guitars on the waltz beat a bit of a 'heavy anchor' if you know what I mean, but interesting to hear it. I guess the conventional time signature for this topic and the boots sound effect would have been a 'march' not a 'waltz' so that 3/4 approach was certainly a novel marriage.
My favourite bit was the middle 8 I think... really liked the guitars in there, so fluid you could take a swim in them. And the signature Skub guitar solo of course - never disappoints!

It's all too beautiful.
Read October 13, 2017, 09:47:31 AM #10

Re: Waltz Rawk

Well I liked the unrepetant verses! Really gutsy, attention grabbing and rather unique. They give a bit of an angry voice and go well with the marching (though the irony of a 3/4 march won't be lost on you).

I did think that you could make more of the transition into the chorus which seemed a touch sudden - would it be too cliche to have a massive drum fill there?

But that guitar solo is just showing off - I could have had more of that, maybe in an outro...

Lyrics simple and direct - is it for money we die? Truly, what a waste...
Read October 13, 2017, 11:00:49 AM #11

Re: Waltz Rawk


Ta for the heads up on the harsh vocals,Kev. Another thing to watch.  Cheesy

Wicked Deeds

Thanks Paul,you are probably right on the solo,sometimes I just go with whatever pops into my head.  Smiley


Thanks JB,glad you enjoyed it.  Smiley

Silver Machine

I get you on the clunky aspect,but it wasn't accidental,or even incidental. I wanted a brutal,robotic,jerky and yet scarily uniform rhythm to try and portray the relentless abilities of successive political leaders employing military forces to lay waste to generations,just to protect their power base. They operate in plain sight and lie direct to our faces,knowing full well we'll all suck it up,time and time again.

Sorry for the rant,girl.   Cheesy


A plodding elegance..see Silver? Bin nails it,tho the elegance thang is maybe a step too far,but hey,I'll take it.  Cheesy


Interesting comment on the vox,Paul. Back in the day when I was singing regularly,I was well into it and even my guitar took a back seat,but then I walked away and didn't sing for maybe 15 years and boy was my voice gone. I could hardly manage a song. It's starting to come back a little,but my age is against me now!  Cheesy


Thanks for the listen man,I agree the chorus is easier on the old ears,but I didn't want folk getting too comfortable.  Grin


Cheers Pauly. Martin,our old keyboard player used to freak out at my ideas on rhythm and use of drums. "you can't do it like that,it's just f***ing wrong",was a very common theme!  Cheesy


Ta for the listen Adam,I think all my songs are a work in progress,but I call time and move on when the juice runs out!  Cheesy
Read October 13, 2017, 12:48:00 PM #12

Re: Waltz Rawk

Good balance between dark and light. It has a bit of a Kinks quality to it, which I liked. Vocals sound great. Good use of marching with the waltz. Definitely makes its point. Well written lyrics.


Life is just a dream.
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