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December 12, 2017, 10:29:03 AM
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Read August 06, 2017, 03:03:47 PM #15
Bill Saunders

Re: Little Miss Monochrome

Hi Davy

Super polished guitars as ever, and yeah, the Big O meets Van the man on the vocals. Lovely tune, easy listen and very nice all round.

Read August 08, 2017, 06:57:17 PM #16

Re: Little Miss Monochrome


Ha! I'm a product of my era,Derek,though I preferred the warmer tones of Fujichrome.  Cheesy


Thanks Paul,yes it's Logic's drummer,plus I added in a beats loop for extra punch in places. It gave the song a bit of a stomp.  Smiley


Sums it up Jamie,we all do it because we can.  Grin


Cheers John. DAW certainly opens doors,doesn't it?  Cool


Ta Mikey. If it's the vocals at the end you mean,I did them purposely in the background. Maybe sounds to you like  I messed up? I'm always fiddling!  Cheesy
Read August 08, 2017, 09:18:47 PM #17

Re: Little Miss Monochrome

Love this! Would you mind if I toyed with some additional lyrics for it?

I hear so much Neil Young in your music.

For Kodachrome, vibrant world would fit.

« Last Edit: August 08, 2017, 09:48:28 PM by Jenna »
Read August 08, 2017, 11:23:36 PM #18

Re: Little Miss Monochrome

Why don't you take your clouds
And blow away
Stop casting shadows
And raining decay

You're a human Supernova
Vacuum of light
Consuming optimism
Joyless parasite

You're a buzz kill
On a bar high
On an open sore
You're a botfly

Go away pest
Get a move on
Or I'll grab my can of


Just having some fun. I'm off for a walk in the summer sunset. Toodles.
Read August 10, 2017, 01:53:05 PM #19

Re: Little Miss Monochrome

As a lot have said the guitars are great but I actually liked the synths just as much - nice understated break in the middle and they add a lot of texture throughout.  I also dig the effects you've put on your voice a lot. The whole thing has a lot of poise and is balanced just right, nothing too overdone.  Great stuff Skub.

It's all too beautiful.
Read August 10, 2017, 08:18:44 PM #20
Morefrog Jones

Re: Little Miss Monochrome

Title hooked me in straight away - felt very innovative with many different genres mixing.
The overall country feel is so 'not my thing' but I found it an enjoyable listen and it had a certain catchiness and radio friendly feel to it.
Read August 12, 2017, 07:58:04 PM #21

Re: Little Miss Monochrome


Thank ya Tom,I do love mister Knopfler.  Grin


Heh,what can I say? I do mix my genres..yet always seem to end up country! A few years ago I'd have topped myself at the thought!  Cheesy


I dropped the vocals a little JB,ta for the heads up.  Smiley Knopfler? never heard of him.  Tongue


This Knopfler bloke again...does he play like me or something?  Huh  Cheesy

Yeah,the harmonies are all me Darren,'cos that all I have to work with at the moment!
Thanks for the comments.  Smiley

Bill Saunders

Yo Bill,I can never escape the big O,can I,Van is a new one tho.. Cool


Cool Jenna,glad you liked it. Ta for the contributions.  Cool


Ta Paul,I'm a pretty poor keys player,if you could call me a player at all.I just use the 'musical typing' and hit it with my head wand.  Cheesy

Morefrog Jones

I'm glad it caught ya man,ta for listening.  Smiley
Read September 18, 2017, 01:20:23 AM #22

Re: Little Miss Monochrome

I really like this. My favorite line, and one I wish I'd written, is "you're like a sunset, on a rainy day."

Hope it's okay to pull up the oldies. I'm new around here, so they're all new to me. I heard this one when I first joined, but didn't comment.

Life is just a dream.
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