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« on: September 26, 2011, 12:05:59 PM »
Hi, my name is Oliver and I'm a songriter and the curator of SoundShoots-a new creative outlet.

Essentially, SoundShoots is a new online concept which enables creative musicians the opportunity to express their talent in a different way.

Each week the website will embody a different theme for music/song writing (chosen by the community), we then openly invite any musicians to create a response to the theme. There no limits as to what you can create in order to express your reaction to the theme. You could create a vocal, a guitar line, a beat, a field recording, a short demo... the possibilities are endless!!

Today is our vey first day promoting, hence you could become some of the very first people in the world to follow our progress. The link in our signiture will take you to our homepage which in turn takes you to all of our other social pages. Please feel free to explore these pages, join the pages and spread the word!

Any comments or questions will be gratefully recieved!


SoundShoots-a new creative outlet