Composer looking for lyricist

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« on: June 23, 2017, 03:00:31 PM »
I'm a composer producer, I have my own songs and I can do all the work even release it in my own label.
I'm looking for lyricists that can write pop lyrics, the kind you're listening in the radio today. You can add your own flavor but no depressive ideas.
You can check my music in Spotify as NORS ( Maybe I'm wrong, Come on over, You make me feel alive)
You can contact me here or at my email, norscollective@hotmail.com


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  • I write poetry and song lyrics
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2018, 09:34:27 AM »
Try working with these lyrics!!!

"Obscurity is Forever"

I toil away, day after day
planting seeds in my own way
I hear the dog bark as I cultivate a spark, of love
love and dreams, and calculated precision
my ideas bloom and there emerges a startling vision
empathy and apathy, tangled up
the flow of that which must go
have I had enough?

Too many thoughts that fly away uncaught
too few lessons remain for the untaught
Cry me a river and bless me with a smile
we are all hovering our space, it all is not too much if steps are taken in place, step by step we crawl and sometimes soar,
hoping, dreaming, yearning for something more.

The crown that you wear so proudly will not reflect forever without the occasional polishing,
dreams tarnish and fade if left in neglect
look inward, be circumspect in your alliances, be hearty and laugh
gaze not wistful at an old photograph
re-ignite the past.

They say to toil in obscurity is noble, it is, in a kind-of futile and dastardly way
I prefer to seek love, forever and a day
I hold you in the greatest esteem,
you are a seer of visions, you dance upon my dreams
like a twittling sparrow, alight off into the night
Get your message out, fleet avian perfection in silent russles in the sky
don't ever say die, or give up,
keep flying, enough is not enough...

(C) David Venturella 3/8/18