I had an interesting experience today

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« on: June 17, 2017, 03:05:59 AM »
I'm in marketing mode for this redneck pension song at the moment, and I decided to post it up in a closed pro songwriter's group on Facebook where a lot of incredible talent exists and where I'd originally posted the lyrics. The admin of the page has had his music placed with a particular artist I had in mind for our tune. Those who so kindly gave feedback on the lyrics were keen to hear the finished version and so I obliged. We got a rad comment that had me a little giddy at first. And then the other shoe dropped.

One member who I've never seen comment there, who upon further inspection appeared to be using another man's ID and place of origin (but obviously a different person in appearance), had said that he had music for that song, too, and wanted to hear what someone else came up with. He listened at the link, said his was completely different and that was it.

So I scratched my head for a moment remembering back to when I posted the lyrics and asked for collaboration for any interested parties. There were no replies and so I moved on with it and finally found this wonderful forum here full of talent and ambitious artists, for which I am incredibly grateful. YD took me up on the offer and the rest is history. Right?

Was I out of line in jumping to the defensive right away? This guy posts after an incredibly flattering reply saying something along the lines of "Kicks ass! Going on my rotation! Hit song! Good luck!" blah dee blah. Of course, it's all an ego stroke, because the chances of it getting picked up and produced are next to nil, but I was enjoying my wee moment of basking in some sunshine and then bam! "I have music for "Redneck Pension, too!" And I'm all, "Where the heck did you come from and why are you using the title of MY song and telling me you have music to it when you had months to contact me and never did?" So I politely put that question out there to the man, holding back the flood of words wanting to pour forth through the keyboard.

It's like his little comment pulled out the ghetto diva inside, turning me into some she-devil ready to devour the little turd for the mere suggestion that he might have beat me to the punch. Where the heck did she come from!?

Anyway, it turns out that he contacted me just yesterday through FB messenger, which I completely missed because I have my settings so strangers can't pm me, they go through some other route with no notifications. It turned out to be nothing more than coincidental timing, and I had to calm the inner tiger before she slashed through the screen.  :D

Don't you love those moments when you get the chance to laugh at yourself for your reaction to something that turns out to be not what you thought it was? I do. It seems a never-ending source of internal comedy.  :D


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« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2017, 07:33:50 PM »
Hi Jenna!

Most trouble will after a while be a source of either comedy or neurosis.

Online communication kind of guarantees misunderstanding in some way.
Sometimes it is way too similar to the good old message in a bottle.



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« Reply #2 on: July 09, 2017, 01:04:06 AM »
In that case, comedy was the right choice.

Internet communications can lead to frustration.