Need Ideas For The Verses/Lyrics Of This Unfinished Work

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« on: June 23, 2017, 04:24:28 AM »
Hey Hi! It's Kyle, and this is my first post in this thread for awhile. Since my hiatus on songwriting... well, not a hiatus. Maybe putting it on the side for a short time. Even with my busy schedule, I would bring my notebook to write any lines in mind. In this specific one, I was at a restaurant, and a kid was loudly talking about how obsessed he was with Back To The Future. That gave me a spark of inspiration for a title. So I wrote it fast on a napkin, and worked on it through dinner. When I left, some of it probably fell and I lost the verses. I only had the chorus. I couldn't remember how the other parts went, and I don't know what to write around this chorus. So I need some help for any ideas or lines that I can write down for this. Any ideas would be great! Also check out the ones there, and please feel free to critique it!

Back to the future's past
It's called the present
Tomorrow's always trying to erase it
But today will always resist

'Cause we will never know
How 'now' can change 'soon'
Let us put faith in fate and wait 'till it shows
If time is a sham or the truth