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June 27, 2017, 01:46:00 AM
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Read June 02, 2017, 09:33:50 AM #15

Re: Sun kissed days - collab with Arkwright - Summer Competition

Great driving beat all the way through this with some very nice ac guitar playing.

Some unexpected chord changes were nice and help hold the interest.

I think you've done a god job with some good lyrics here.

I'm not a fan of a fade out ending but it does work here and I can hear that it does actually end albeit at a low volume.

Read June 02, 2017, 01:22:45 PM #16
Neil C

Re: Sun kissed days - collab with Arkwright - Summer Competition

Fhaos,  Hi yes I asked Arkwright if he'd write something for the competition and he did and then I wrote the tune to it. Some slight alterations and we were there. Tried to keep it mellow yet with some energy. thanks

Skub, delighted to have brought back memories of your youth, summers seem to go on forever when you're young.

One of your best melodies and vocals Neil - great lyrics.
Perfect length  Grin And the guitars (and the bass!) were worth every minute of listening
Cheers for that great feedback

PompeyJazz, melodic and all that - delighted it hot the spot.

PaulyX - happy/melancholy wistfulness... a Ray Davies feel - indeed Kinks, Aztec Camera with motown beat :-)

Moomond, thanks for your feedback, Arkwright does have a way with words and imagery

My dear Count, thanks for your great comments, although i fear any tag as favourites will doom it and the pollsters seem to always get it wrong!. I just liked the idea of putting a solo over the first chorus as a way  of tightening the anticipation of the chorus when it arrived after the second verse. "Best song I've heard from you" thanks you very muchly,

Darren, delighted it made you :-) easy when you've got quality lyrics to write to. A small point there's no electric guitars on here apart from the bass, all acoustics either 12 or 6 string. its probably the 12 string that sounds more strident and electric like i think

Morefrog "- feels super 'summery'  and has an lovely feel to the song" thanks for that feedback

tina m "Some great melodies & lovely acoustic lead parts here & I love the big thumping bass guitar" re the lyrics Steve did some reworking to add in a couple of lines rather than me. re acoustic strumming i kind of know where you are coming from as they chanson quite percussive and clutter uo the mx so i did spend a fair bit on that......

Beautiful song. Makes me feel young again, feel like I'm a 15 year old on my summer holidays.
great feedback thanks

PaulAds , thanks a lot i'm delighted with your comments

Marrianna, thanks and yes the Kinks are right in there, especially the pre-chorus progression and BV's. i couldn't even begin to think what it would actually sound like with them  Huh

Bin, thanks for that, including  the kiss of death. the acoustic solos were pretty much one take and on an early demo and i just though, whilst not perfect they worked, and the fade out seemed to suit the 60's vibe

Yodasdad, thanks, please you liked the tune, arrangements and chord changes.

And thanks to again to Arkwright for the platform and being so easy to work with.


songwriter of no repute..
Read June 18, 2017, 03:29:13 PM #17

Re: Sun kissed days - collab with Arkwright - Summer Competition

Hey Neil, Ark,

Super collaboration! What wonderful and flowing lyrics to work with, enviable!

Sure one of the other comments mention 'breezy', and I certainly agree, has a 'light and airy' feel  with that warm instrumental and flowing lyrics/vocals. Cheesy

You must have a 2:00 rule because again, came at just the right time to break up the song.

Couldn't help wish I were listening live!

Really enjoyable listen.


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Read June 20, 2017, 02:35:51 PM #18

Re: Sun kissed days - collab with Arkwright - Summer Competition

Yep, like a soothing summer's breeze for sure. Some nice progressions in there esp enjoyed the pre chorus. BV really adds to the overall slick and polished production. The strummed acoustics may be a little on the "thin" side but I guess they would sit less well in the mix if they were fuller sounding. Nice with an acoustic guitar solo for a change. A strong contender for sure, well done!

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Read June 21, 2017, 07:13:19 AM #19

Re: Sun kissed days - collab with Arkwright - Summer Competition

genuinely inspiring song Neil. I personally find it really difficult to pen a good tune led by acoustic guitar but you are showing the way here. love the Spanish elements. if i was to nitpick, I don't hear a really strong distinction between the verse and the chorus, but ultimately it's a really enjoyable listen.
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