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The Bar / Interesting Review-old McCartney albums
« Last post by CaliaMoko on Today at 03:23:52 AM »
A kid (meaning he's about 25--young for a Beatles fan) has a YouTube review of two old McCartney albums he said were intended to be a double-album set but ended up being separate. He goes through the songs, playing excerpts, giving his view. I was surprised by his detailed opinions. He sounds like he's spent a lot of time studying Beatles music, McCartney's music, and other music, because he references other bands or artists the songs seem to be influenced by.

The albums he reviewed are Pipes of Peace and Tug of War. The review is here:
. In case it sounds interesting.
Feedback on Finished songs / Re: Halloween
« Last post by nooms on Today at 12:26:06 AM »
hi steven
i wasnt scared either but enjoyed the song..
fast moving lyric turning over every possible halloween connection..
good vocals and delivery, andrew gold comes to mind.. which isnt a bad thing..
didnt expect the bouncing piano.. a shock in itself when it kicks off but it works..
like the eerie keyboard touches going on..
fine work and welcome
put yourself about, sure youll make a few friends
The Bar / Re: Musical Beginnings
« Last post by CaliaMoko on Today at 12:18:09 AM »
I don't think I'll manage to put my entire musical history in here. Maybe short version. I didn't do any writing that I can remember (song writing, that is--I wrote short stories and poetry from the time I could write) until I was in college (where I majored in vocal music education, so I should know theory better than I do). And then I only can recall writing one song. I remember writing another song sometime in my early married years. Then another several years later. Then one occasionally, but not often.

Then in late 2014 I took Pat Pattison's six-week online songwriting course, when it could be had for free. I learned a lot. I had no idea a person could learn techniques/tools for writing. What an eye-opener. I've been writing quite a lot since then, with occasional dry spells.

In the 1980s I did a lot of collaborating with a friend who wrote. I still had my voice back then, so it was, well, I was going to say "more fun", but I'm really enjoying what I'm doing these days. So maybe I should just say, I still had most of my voice and leave it at that. If you'd like to hear what I sounded like back then, here's a link to a song that demonstrates what I could do fairly well: Rejoice, written by David Britton, sung by David and me. It's more than 5 minutes long, so don't feel like you have to listen to the whole thing.

As far as performing goes, I started learning to strum guitar when I was 15, but I never really got very far with that. Once I was able to accompany myself with several easy chords, I kind of lost ambition, I guess. Right now I'd really like to know more, but I've actually lost quite a bit of ground, so I have to get that back first. And I'm still cursed with a lack of ambition. Lately, I started watching some beginner bass guitar videos, and I'm enjoying those, so I went out and bought an acoustic electric bass guitar. If my enthusiasm can hold, maybe I'll get good enough to play bass with a couple musical friends.
Competitions / Re: September Song of the Month RESULTS
« Last post by Paulski on Today at 12:00:37 AM »
Congrats Viscount Vicki and Paul - great song and performances.
Big thanks to Pauly for hosting ;)
Competitions / Re: September Song of the Month RESULTS
« Last post by Jamie on Yesterday at 09:07:33 PM »
Hi guys well done for running the competition and to the participants. Sorry but I’d missed the competition and didn’t even know I’d been nominated, thanks for that it’s appreciated!
Well done everyone!
Competitions / Re: September Song of the Month RESULTS
« Last post by pompeyjazz on Yesterday at 08:40:02 PM »
I'll volunteer for hosting the November competition unless there is anyone else who would like to do it. Maybe one of the newer members should have the honour. Anyway, I'll be on the subs bench if no takers  :)
Recording / Re: Studio speakers
« Last post by Jambrains on Yesterday at 08:38:49 PM »
Running Sonarworks on both monitors and cans, instant Nirvana  :D :D :D
Recording / Re: Studio speakers
« Last post by Cawproductions on Yesterday at 08:20:14 PM »
Hi all,

Just a quick chip in, most has been said anyway,

I did a room measurent using REW and a ref mic and found a deep dip at arounf 80hz in my room, This was due to the distance the speakers are from the wall, I read that its best to get them either as close to the wall as poss (thats why studios have them actually in the wall) or calculate the wavelength and move them to the set distance away from the wall, Usually not an option as the measurement is quite far and would end up in the middle of the room for most people.

A couple of years ago, if you mixed/mastered with headphones you would burn in hell. How times change.

Good times.
HI guys.

I suppose if you careat your own type of music and the style is very similar, a bit like ours then you can go for a template setup but if you mix a lot of other peeps music then you will run into lots of genres. I can see that you would need to approach them a little differently with different plug in choices.

Most of ours is guitar style indie Rock so I kind of know where the path so to speak.
Recently I mixed some live sets taken from the back of my mates bands mixer from a gig. Loads of bleed, room tone etc...totally different approach need for that, they sounded live but a lot better when done.

Anyway I need to get out more.


Feedback on Finished songs / Re: Halloween
« Last post by pompeyjazz on Yesterday at 05:47:11 PM »
Very well put together Steven and very professionally performed and produced,  you certainly seem to know what you're doing. For ke it's a bit too cheery for a Halloween song, you know it didn't really scare me  ;D You've also managed a very modern sound, very contemporary. Good work and welcome to the forum  :)
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