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Feedback on Finished songs / Re: Late One August Day
« Last post by cowparsleyman on Today at 01:43:20 PM »
A tender piece, heartfelt, very touching.
Feedback on Finished songs / Re: Late One August Day
« Last post by Binladeda on Today at 01:30:52 PM »

 Hi Paul....hope all is well old friend ;D.  Been a while ::)

 Beautiful song....of course ;D .  Lovely production.  Love the vulnerability in your voice, especially when you
 reach for the notes ;D .  Super guitar picking.  Lovely tone you get....always ;D ;D

 Hope this relationship is the 'one' for you mate.  I know you've been 'through the mill' a bit with your relationships
 over the years....I've heard the songs ;D ;D ;D

 Take care mate, and GOOD LUCK  ;D ;D

Feedback on Finished songs / Re: Halloween
« Last post by Binladeda on Today at 01:20:52 PM »

 Hi Steve,

 Yeah....good song. You've obviously been around the block a few times ;D .  Very pro/commercial sounding stuff.
 Love your voice.  You make it sound easy ;D .  Confident and relaxed.  The piano and the bass work really well together,
 and drive it along nicely.  Excellent use of the strings......can't fault it.  Top song ;D

 Did you record it in a studio ?

Lyrics / Re: I love you
« Last post by LukeArmstrongMusic on Today at 12:32:42 PM »
As always a masterpiece from you @Wicked Deeds! The greatest question of them all is, what is love? how do we know she's the one? You manage to bring out all the emotion in what love truly is! Beautiful! :)
The Bar / Re: Musical Beginnings
« Last post by cowparsleyman on Today at 11:27:33 AM »
@CaliaMoko - just love  rejoice,  Thanks for sharing this
Lyrics / One More Paper-cut
« Last post by Rightly on Today at 11:25:01 AM »
After a dry spell
Two songs happened.
Just when i was thinking it's all gone forever.

As ever, I'm happy with feedback.


thank you, Rightly, ever so much
we know you'll come into your own some day
my friend, there really is no need to rush
`til then here is another paper-cut

the backward climb upon the crooked stair
are you sure it's no more than a game?
when no-one feels compelled to play it fair
the vict'ry goes to those who do not care

from gentle spirit to that ever lovin' touch
there is always one more paper-cut

keep that back door shut...

the final hour of unpaid overtime
just to make the minimum wage
it will not do to hang your head and cry
fuck this chapter, never mind the page

don't forget to keep that back door shut
t'guard against the occaisional bad luck

from spirit to that ever healing touch
`til then here is one more paper-cut

one more paper-cut


The Bar / Re: SoundCloud - spotlight issue
« Last post by Bill Saunders on Today at 10:33:33 AM »
Hi John

I heard back from SC - there was a problem last night, but now it is fixed. But kudos to them for getting back to me so quickly
The Bar / Re: Musical Beginnings
« Last post by Bill Saunders on Today at 10:27:33 AM »
I first picked up an acoustic guitar when I was 18, and when I realised I could change chords well enough, that was me hooked - 95% of all popular music at my finger tips! A year or two later I got an electric and an amp and I was even more hooked - I found basic soloing came fairly naturally. Never had a lesson, just picked up knowledge from a mate who was a good player.

I tried to form a band in my early 20s, but for whatever reason it didn't ever get off the ground - I've never gigged with a proper band. The whole concept seemed too scary and I was terrified I'd forget the words or the chords. Then my 30s came, along with my children and that put paid to "going out" much.

However, it was about this time (early 90s) that I started writing songs. Just singing and strumming the acoustic. I really got into it, wrote a bunch of songs and played a few solo gigs in pubs - more open mic that gigs really, mainly to a small and disinterested crowd.

Then around 10 years later, about 2001, I recorded an "album" of my own stuff on an 8 track hardware multi track. Used drum patterns from a Casio keyboard, played bass parts, lead bits, sang - bingo - I was a one man band! Looking back at those early recordings it is a bit toe curling, but it was game changer for me - the start of a love affair with music technology that has lasted ever since.

My second set of songs was recorded in around 2004 on an early DAW - a huge learning curve, but massively satisfying.

This new technology meant I was free to work at my own pace and be 100% self sufficient - it changed my life forever - it has given me exactly what I always wanted out of music, but had never dreamt was possible. I know to a large extent I've missed out on what many folk think of as the real joy of music - playing to others and with others, but what I do suits me and I enjoy it  :D
The Bar / Re: SoundCloud - spotlight issue
« Last post by pompeyjazz on Today at 10:24:36 AM »
Hi Bill - It works fine for me  :)
The Bar / SoundCloud - spotlight issue (NOW SOLVED)
« Last post by Bill Saunders on Today at 08:31:37 AM »
I am currently not able to save any changes to my SoundCloud "spotlight" - these are the songs that you are able to "showcase" at the top of your SoundCloud page if you use the paid version of SoundCloud.

I have raised this with SoundCloud support, who have come back saying that their technical team are currently looking at this - which may mean it's a general issue, rather than just me.

Is anyone else having this problem?
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