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First of all let me apologise ive not been on here half as much as id like, but ill be getting round all the new songs soon.

so here's my cheery song for a Friday evening, about suicide ......a tip of the hat to mental health awareness. (im in no way depressed very happy in fact, but something made me write it)

just me on my guitar and little backing vocal. guitar tuning is as follows :


A tuning I like to do but the chords were tricky.

please let me know what you think, as always I really, genuinely appreciate your feedback.



Do you feel it, do you see it
the green leaves on the trees
Can you feel it, the warmth.
The sun giving you goosebumps on your skin.

Suicide layby
he knew excatly what he was doing
it didnt matter to us!
Only ever matters when its black
its only important, only important
when its black

Lord can you can hear me now
can you just give me a sign
because i dont know what im doing
im not sure im ready to not sure im ready to
to die, to die (can you hear me now)
to die, to die (can you hear me now)

Can you hear me now

Its too late
Its too late
its too late
its too late.
The Bar / Re: Some local radio play
« Last post by CaliaMoko on Today at 09:25:32 PM »
Congratulations, @Jack Simmons ! New item for your resume. :D
The Bar / Re: Some local radio play
« Last post by Jamie on Today at 09:24:26 PM »
Congrats! well deserved it's a great song 8)

The Bar / Re: I'll be on the radio again!
« Last post by CaliaMoko on Today at 09:19:29 PM »
I generally have trouble listening to the recordings of the shows--my computer stops streaming before it's done. But this time I made it almost to the end. It was partway through the last song of the show when it stopped, so I called it good.

It sounded good to me. I noticed the playlist only showed my name for the songs, but some of them had other writers and/or performers. Like BGVs on "Something's Coming" by Jeff Robinson. Lion's share of the writing as well as BGVs on "Bare Gones" by @PaulAds . Writing and BGVs on "Way Too Clean" by @Neil C .

And I noticed you had some radio time yourself, @Jack Simmons ! Congratulations!

@cowparsleyman ... I think I'm on my last pen....  ::)
The Bar / Re: Some local radio play
« Last post by MonnoDB on Today at 09:04:47 PM »
This is the second radio-play post I've seen on here today - how fab that you guys are getting exposure. Congrats - great song!
The Bar / Re: I'll be on the radio again!
« Last post by jacksimmons on Today at 07:45:32 PM »
Congrats Vicki! Some serious coverage there :D
The Bar / Re: Some local radio play
« Last post by jacksimmons on Today at 07:45:07 PM »
Thanks guys! It was pretty exciting.
The Bar / Re: Is GISC worth it?
« Last post by CaliaMoko on Today at 07:29:49 PM »
Thanks! Very helpful!

@cowparsleyman : That was one thing I used it for--adding another professional membership to my resume when applying for grants. I probably won't be applying for grants for a while, so I wondered if there was any other reason for continuing.

@Sing4me88 : I think I did use the copyright service for a couple of songs--can't remember for sure right now--but that's a definite consideration because I don't usually register my copyrights with the Library of Congress. It has gotten kind of expensive.

@Boydie : I have used the legal advice for a contract or two. I don't think I realized they provided song critique. That's good to know and maybe worthwhile enough by itself to keep it up.

Thank you all; that definitely helped.
Feedback on Finished songs / Re: Put Your Hands Together & Scream
« Last post by MonnoDB on Today at 07:29:15 PM »
Love the way this kicks off - grabs the attention..

Really good lyrics @5 guys named Lars - very well written.. Really like the verse melody - very catchy - as is of course that chorus.. Great BVs and whoops in the background - so much going on but nicely clear - I can hear lots but it doesn't distract.. that energy after "and scream" is fab.. And the contrast between upbeat music and serious lyric works really well.

A big hit for me! Great work both of you!

The Bar / Re: I'll be on the radio again!
« Last post by MonnoDB on Today at 07:17:23 PM »
Congrats Vicki @CaliaMoko - that's a real thrill and nod to the quality of your songs that they're playing all 5! Thanks @PaulAds - just had a listen to the first song but will check out the rest later..

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