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Feedback on Finished songs / Re: Under the fire of the volcano
« Last post by PaulAds on Today at 12:17:58 PM »
Great song and the video is fabulous!

It’s amazing how many earthquakes and what-have-you have been occurring over the last 18 months or so…lots of it doesn’t get reported much…but I often get the feeling that something biblical is approaching.

I'm sure loads of work must have gone into making the video...the quality is very much appreciated.

PS I hope that’s your hands on his back rather than his hands on your front  ;)
Feedback on Finished songs / Porridge
« Last post by PaulAds on Today at 12:12:19 PM »

I was talking to John @pompeyjazz about how if I'm not on the forum...I don't listen to songs as much, I don't write as much and I don't think about the whole community thing as much. So here I am  :)

I think it was an old Russian revolutionary threat "You have the watches...but we have the time" which I thought was a cool cautionary tale about how systemic injustice was ultimately a knocking bet to result in a sticky end for those grabbing the 99% and letting the plebs scrap it out over whatever was left.

I wrote most of this as an instrumental in February...and it's taken me this long to be arsed to finish it. I spent three hours dredging up the lyrics yesterday...but was determined to get it done...so there's a bit of hyperbole in there...


We’re free to roam our open prison
But can’t help thinking “something’s missing”
To those for whom the rules apply
The choice is ours...we don’t or die

Been sucking on it way too long
The tipping point has been and gone
Your diktats fall like acid rain
You pull too hard, you only break the chain

We do the porridge
While you do the crime
So you have the watches
But we have the time

Drunk on power in love with the pain
It tastes too good to lose it again
Here’s a thing you can all rely on
We’ll make this the hill we die on

With autocratic over-reach
You piss all over what you preach
We spend our evenings chasing ghosts
And gazing up at empty lamp-posts

Torch and pitchforks fill the streets
Deafened by a million heartbeats
We smell their fear…ignore their cries
Their Empires crumble right before their eyes

We do the porridge
While you do the crime
So you have the watches
But we have the time…

To be honest, I thought I was just about out of genuine lyrics...as I sometimes feel like I've said what I wanted to say in my songs several times over...and I'm a bit of a scratched record...and I don't really like saying things I don't believe in...but sometimes I find it necessary to exaggerate for dramatic effect. My lyrics aren't necessarily autobiographical and I'm not about to grab a beret and an Afghan coat and form the Chickentown Popular Front  ::)

My wife suggested trying to write some lighter stuff...but as you can see...I am thus far resisting. I think it's a good idea, though.

Anyway...I hope you enjoy it...and any recording/mixing tips/advice are most welcome...cheers!
Feedback on Finished songs / Re: Under the fire of the volcano
« Last post by moraamarolaloba on Today at 11:54:19 AM »
I loved the pulsating bass pattern combined with the Latin rhythm on this one @moraamarolaloba Your vocals are hypnotic and so suited to the vibe that you create. Another excellent piece of work

Hola @pompeyjazz

Me alegra mucho verte!!! Thank you very much. I ope you all are ok.
Feedback on Finished songs / Re: Final Moments
« Last post by PaulAds on Today at 11:34:52 AM »
This really caught my attention.

I tried to capture that exact feeling about The Worlds End murders in Edinburgh 1977…at least one of the two girls there must have that exact feeling of horror when they realised what was about to happen to them…and there was no escape.

I thought the music was superb. I didn’t find it sad or dark, really. The thing about this is that - as foolish as it might sound - it sends some love out into the ether - and who knows how and where that could be picked up on…and how lovely is it that someone would do all of that just to say something incommunicable to someone who’s gone?

Thanks for writing and posting this, Rich...I loved it.

The Bar / Re: Moving to a different DAW...
« Last post by PaulAds on Today at 11:12:12 AM »

That’s a lot to chew over.

I went from Garageband (apple’s almost cartoon-like free DAW that’s really quite powerful) up to Logic Pro…but it was too fiddly and complicated for a simple fella like me, so when the inevitable happened and they tried to stiff me for another £199 to get the newer “updated” version…I went back to GB and I haven’t looked forward since  ::)

During my absence from the forum…I tried Studio One (I loved one of the internal drumkits) but couldn’t get away with it. I also tried Traktion which I liked, but again found myself hankering for the familiarity of GarageBand, despite its limitations.

Of course, there’s a world of difference between your capabilities and mine with this stuff…but I’d be in way over my head trying to do anything like what you’re doing.

Having said that…I have been consciously trying to improve my recordings…funnily enough, I’ve found that the biggest factor in getting my stuff sounding better is just to actually play and sing it all better and with more care than I used to do. Sometimes I find I have to alter the song I thought I’d written in order to make a better recording…whether that’s ditching an overblown bassline or the wrong guitar sound…or simply a lousy vocal…I think that’s more likely to ruin what I’m trying to do.

I’d love to have your knowledge…but I’d be like the tramp who nicked a Savile Row suit and then wondered why he still failed the job interview.

A bit rambling that…sorry…but YES…I have tried to learn a new DAW and found it really confusing and somewhat infuriating!
The Bar / Re: Moving to a different DAW...
« Last post by pompeyjazz on Today at 09:50:54 AM »
That will keep you out of mischief  ;D
The Bar / Re: Moving to a different DAW...
« Last post by cowparsleyman on Today at 08:24:10 AM »
Got V Collection 8 working now...
Feedback on Finished songs / Re: Trying to kill a dead man
« Last post by PaulAds on Yesterday at 11:43:44 PM »
I found this really fascinating...

First off - I really like the lyrics...I'm a miserable bastard - so I fell in straight away.

The wobbly intro made me feel a bit funny...maybe it was because I was listening with headphones...I don't know. Great and bold choice of sounds, though...very interesting.

I don't know how you managed to pitch the vocals in this...or even play it...it sounds to me like it's jumping around different keys and discombobulated me a little...I'm quite a traditional sort of fella, I think...and it was possibly a little out of my comfort zone. Even the well-worn "moving up the guitar/bass neck a semitone" is enough to make me feel seasick!

Anyway...I'm really pleased that you could be getting back into it...as you're presence here is very much appreciated...you've given us a lot of great songs...long may it continue.
Feedback on Finished songs / Re: The River
« Last post by PaulAds on Yesterday at 09:53:47 PM »
Very cool.

Reverb sounds spot-on to me…and suits the song perfectly.

Enjoyed this a lot…and the ending is splendid.

Always top quality from you two!
Feedback on Finished songs / Re: The Reason I Breathe (Ashes for Dreams)
« Last post by PaulAds on Yesterday at 09:22:23 PM »
Ah bollocks!

I wrote a long (and slightly gushing) review and clicked “post” and then got some bullshit “you are not allowed to post in this section” twaddle…and everything I had typed was gone. Drag.

In summary…I thought this was really wonderful. Vocals have a beautiful fragile quality to them that’s really appealing.

JBs production is excellent, as ever…and I’m amazed at how you two are able to keep improving when you were so good in the first place.

I always love your songs!

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