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Feedback on Finished songs / Re: PEACEFUL BLUE WATERS
« Last post by Elvis Nash on Yesterday at 10:19:59 PM »
its the gospel singers , they blend real well , Best I've used so far.
thanks man
Feedback on Finished songs / Re: I Know I Love U But
« Last post by Bankie on Yesterday at 09:52:41 PM »
So happy that you have this published on YT Music so I can listen to it on the go. This is right up my street and as good or better than any other new music I've listened to recently. So many great ideas, and a lesson on how it's done :)
Feedback on Finished songs / Re: Set Him Free
« Last post by Bankie on Yesterday at 09:41:36 PM »
I'm not gonna lie. Listening to this song really annoyed me. The timing felt wrong and it all feels too loose with the different elements not quite tying up with the drums. If it was a bad song, I wouldn't care - I'd just move on and say it wasn't for me, but the problem is that this is potentially an outstanding song. The singing, backing vocals, and all the various sounds are well chosen; love the synthy bits and I love the arrangement with everything coming in at the right places. It could have been a song I'd listen to regularly, but the uncomfortable timing has made it a bit of a "what could have been" song for me.
Feedback on Finished songs / Re: Ocean Home
« Last post by Bankie on Yesterday at 09:30:17 PM »
Other than the timing on the bridge (as mentioned by @ChrisPrice), that was pretty delightful. I sometimes feel your melodies would benefit from the odd jump now and again. What I mean is that the song does work, and follows good songwriting style in the phrasing, flowing around the scale, but an occasional twist (without going overboard) could really grab us.

Usual high quality though; well done.
Feedback on Finished songs / Re: The Dream
« Last post by Bankie on Yesterday at 09:20:48 PM »
It's more of the same, but can't deny the quality. I do like to listen closely for all the different elements in the song and how they develop. Love the usual crackpot video which bends my mind and makes me question reality :D
Feedback on Finished songs / Re: Some songs from a german Singer
« Last post by Bankie on Yesterday at 09:14:18 PM »
Hi @Andy. Welcome to the forum, and hope you stick around. You should read the "Rules and Guidelines" post though - you should only post a single song, and if you take the time to comment on others' songs, you'll find that people will make the effort to listen and comment on yours.

On saying that, I listened to the first 2 tracks. "Me And You" was the easier one to digest, and with some accompaniment would be a great track. If I didn't know you were from Germany, I wouldn't have guessed it from your singing voice, and your diction sounded good, though it would be easier to give feedback if you posted the lyrics (also a requirement you'll find in the rules).

So I wish you good luck with your songwriting and hope you fix your post before a moderator takes issue with it :)
Feedback on Finished songs / Re: PEACEFUL BLUE WATERS
« Last post by Bankie on Yesterday at 09:00:03 PM »
Loving that sound and arrangement. That style of singing is rarely something that would grab me, but this one did. What a great song, and great execution. Nothing to nitpick.
The Bar / Re: Why Are You Here?
« Last post by Bankie on Yesterday at 08:49:07 PM »
I keep coming back here because I enjoy the amateur vibe, where people are doing their thing because they enjoy doing their thing and not because they're putting everything into it for a career. I can post a song without anyone telling me I need to get some professional involvement so I can sell something, or that I should join a band and make it serious. It's the love that makes me love.
Feedback on Finished songs / Re: PEACEFUL BLUE WATERS
« Last post by Elvis Nash on Yesterday at 02:39:41 PM »
singing in a studio at 90 degree heat , I almost passed out , fun stuff. Can we steal a melody from AI robots ? sure is Sony suing me ? kinda doubt it . Oh Nashville session players all that jazz . Real good African gospel singers on BGVs . I was impressed .

thanks Mora

Thats my mornings and fans

Collaborations / Rhymer or Rapper as Good as this Accapella
« Last post by josemar on Yesterday at 01:39:02 PM »

Just looking for a top liner, rapper, rhymer, spitter, toaster....to replace this place holder accapella....it has too many artifacts....

many thx
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