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Lyrics / The Golden Age
« Last post by Wicked Deeds on Today at 09:43:34 AM »
I plucked this song out the air. It took no more than 7-8 minutes to write the harmony, vocal melody and lyrics.  It's now delightful to play on my acoustic guitar and it melts the heart of Mrs Deeds.  My happiness was a long time in coming but now it's here, I want to write about this beautiful experience.

The Golden Age

The Golden Age is upon us now;
the sun is in the sky.
May your dreams begin where your sadness ends.
It's time for us to fly.

Be strong in my presence,
safe in my arms.
Walk tall, let you love grow.
Rejoice in it's charm.

The Golden Age  is the place to be.
It's home for you and me.
The summer's long when you're by my side.
We've been waiting patiently.

Know that we are happy;
that we're blessed on the breeze.
See the view from the forest
as our hearts climb through the trees.

The Golden Age will surround us both
That's my sacred oath to you.

Written by Paul Vasey May 2020

Lyrics / Re: perforated nights
« Last post by Wicked Deeds on Today at 09:32:24 AM »

Great opening!  However, you keep up the pace with some very smart writing.  When I read your lyrics, I kind of expect the unexpected. You rarely tread a well worn path.  There's plenty of originality here.  Well done!

The Bar / Re: Coming back
« Last post by Wicked Deeds on Today at 09:28:49 AM »
@pompeyjazz , @CaliaMoko , @cowparsleyman , @PaulAds , @adamfarr ,  thank you so much for your sincere wishes.  It really warms my heart.

Feedback on Finished songs / Re: Enough
« Last post by PeteS on Today at 07:19:43 AM »
Hey @Jambrains, great song!  Loved the guitar sound and feel.  Not sure I like the verse as much but the chorus was great, really strong, could maybe have built it more?

Good stuff!
Feedback on Finished songs / Re: My Hip Hop Song for Alien Genre Challenge
« Last post by PeteS on Today at 07:16:23 AM »
What an ending, not sure whether I was enjoying the hip hop or the comedy!  Great job @MichaelA.  Worried for mine now which is only emerging very slowly!
Competitions / Re: April SOTM - The songs. Vote now!
« Last post by Jambrains on Today at 05:56:28 AM »
Competitions / Re: April SOTM - The songs. Vote now!
« Last post by Royston on Yesterday at 10:45:20 PM »

Very nice selection of songs Thanks for hosting
Lyrics / perforated nights
« Last post by Rightly on Yesterday at 08:29:17 PM »

well this is my latest
I like it
the music is a bit too much blues progression
but after learning how to play it I think I'll really enjoy it

I think it's a bit of a love song or monologue to my muse
I think I'm just saying these surprise visits are alright

perforated nights

I just don't know. what would I do?
if ever I lost the will to deliver
the very best to you
and I don't care. that's what they'd say
never one to follow the river
'less it runs my way
and it's all true
I'd only run, skip and jump for you

well okay, it's alright
bring on them perforated nights

'house and garden, a dirty doting wife
we'll knuckle down when things get hard and
we'd live a tin-foil life
is that too much, or not enough?
better men sucumb to these ashes
to ashes, dust to dust
these ruins though
hostile and barren, still belong to us

and in the heart of darkness
we'll be sure to see the light
well okay, it's alright
bring on them perforated nights


Feedback on Finished songs / Re: Enough
« Last post by Jambrains on Yesterday at 07:46:05 PM »
@digger72: thanks, I take that as great praise  :)
@cowparsleyman: Lol!!!
@Binladeda: thanks a mill, glad you enjoyed it!
@shadowfax: just jump higher  ;D ;D ;D ;D
@Cawproductions: thank you, college rock vibe is probably spot on
Feedback on Finished songs / Re: another new 4Below track
« Last post by Jambrains on Yesterday at 07:42:04 PM »
Great energy, totally dig this! The bass is awesome, great vocals, damn it is all good!!
Two nits, 1) think the vocals could come up a little bit in the mix and 2) that bass is great but it is dominating the track a little to much I'd would like to have more of the guitars in the chorus and less of the bass (but it may still reign during the verses).

Just my 2 cents of course, fantastic track well done!
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