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Competitions / Re: September Song of the Month RESULTS
« Last post by CaliaMoko on Today at 12:37:51 AM »
It is truly an honor to have had a role in the winning song. I enjoyed all the entries; they're all winners.
Lyrics / Re: No Time To Die
« Last post by PaulyX on Yesterday at 09:35:51 PM »
Nice one Sterix, love some of the rhymes you've got in there (particularly 'rages' / 'make is'...) and all the imagery is very 007-esque.  I can hear the swooping dramatic strings already.  Hope you take it somewhere.
Which genre next, i love a challenge and i was very interested and not a little surprised by the anti SAW feeling, they are very very talented in what they do, you don’t have to like the songs, just how they craft them, thats what I really admire, it is a genre that you know is thelrs, so you know either you specifically  like iT or not, and that takes a lot of work.

Thanks again for all the comments and suggestions, very grateful.

We’ll see what’s up next ....
Remix sounds very authentic Rich. I won't harp on about my thoughts on SAW as most of it would be censored, but just to say I think you captured that genre. Looking forward to hearing the next genre  :)
Competitions / Re: September Song of the Month RESULTS
« Last post by Sebandme on Yesterday at 08:43:22 PM »
Congratulations to the winner. Very happy to be even nominated in this thank you all who took the time to vote.
well that was the longest three minutes ever.

no, I'm just kiddin.

The lady singing really sounded quite appealing, sexually. (say hi from me)
There really is something perversly enjoyable about this song.
You've done a good job at the production

S A & W
they were irritating back in the day, there was just no way a teen could avoid them.
Unlike Madonna, I really think kylie M. got better with time.

Good job.
I've gone and bought far too many plugins in the past but have finally landed on the Softube tube tech classic channel on every track, the Klanghelm MJUC compressor which replaces the tube tech compressor which I switch off, ( it's 3 compressors in one ) Waves J37 for delay, Exponential audio R4 for verb, Waves Sibilance for deessing and that's it!!! haven't even loaded the other plugs onto my new puter yet and don't intend to...great to keep it simple :) mastering is done with Ozone 8.... 8)

best, Kevin :)
Wasn't totally happy with the mix, so it's just as I want it now....

@adamfarr - Ho Ho Adam more like Snarly And Wacky , that's OK, it's not to everyone's taste, didn't want an 808 on this one, but thanks for the thought, You know I did an extra snarly version, but that was a bit to Ramstein/SlavB - eque for this one  (that was one of the chnages, I took off the snarli-ness from Caz's refrain at the end, I was getting love letters from snarlmeup.com


Hi Rich

You have a lot of plugs, I am trying to thin mine out, a lot of the sound the same anyway IMHO, but i did spend most of the 80's and 90's in clubs so I supspect my hearing isnt top notch anyway. Also couple that along with being 50 now, its all wearing a bit.

I have been trying to settle out for my favs and really get to know them, I like the Schepps omni channel, thats a good alrounder.

The slate has a distressor emu, that great on drums and guitars etc.

Vocals for me are as follow, Slates pre amps and console emu, 76 style comp, EQ usually ssl or neve style then smooth out with a la2a style comp, (401 on the Slate)

But still use the Cubase pro stock plugs as some of them are quite cool.

Been watchin Chris lord Alge mix drums, hes taught me a whole new approach, much better sound than I was getting before.

Also my Mac pro finally died so now have a spanking new i9 setup specced up for audio so I can hammer the cpu to an inch of its life.

Good times

I guess as long as you get a nice mix, it doesnt matter how you get there.
Competitions / Re: September Song of the Month RESULTS
« Last post by pompeyjazz on Yesterday at 06:44:41 PM »
Congrats to all. What a fabulous selection of songs and a very worthy winning entry  :)
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