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Feedback on Finished songs / Re: The red coat
« Last post by moraamarolaloba on Today at 12:58:44 AM »
Amazing hypnotic track! Some of these lyrics are stunning...
‘ Just
a coat on me 
to have no cold
erases me,’
This is just brilliant, I can’t quite describe how I feel, it absolutely resonates with me, sends a tingle up my spine... powerful, powerful stuff👌👌👌

Wow!! Thank you, me too I like this, I think they get inside you!
Stay safe

Feedback on Finished songs / Re: Eden
« Last post by moraamarolaloba on Today at 12:55:35 AM »
Hola @Andyb

Great sound and song, love the guitars and the tension they give here. This line is fine
"she is running through my veins again" and this part is full of strength.

Stay safe

Feedback on Finished songs / Re: Eden
« Last post by Andyb on Yesterday at 10:03:42 PM »
Nice song.....slick production. You guys are tight.
I'll take that as a massive compliment considering we were never all in the same room at any point during the writing or recording of this song.... it was all done over a what's app chat lol
Feedback on Finished songs / Re: My Dreams, My Nightmares
« Last post by Unclenny on Yesterday at 09:55:54 PM »
Hey @Maya Clars ....... I really like the way this song moves along with changing dynamics that are highlighted by the beats.

You have a nice contemporary sound that is anchored in your super strong vocals.

Great set of lyrics....I hope this song helps you to exorcize these dreams.  ;)
Feedback on Finished songs / Re: Eden
« Last post by Unclenny on Yesterday at 09:49:17 PM »
Nice song.....slick production. You guys are tight.
Feedback on Finished songs / Re: Still Running
« Last post by montydog on Yesterday at 09:48:31 PM »
Hi @The Holographic Rodeo
I echo what Wicked Deeds has said about the mix and yes, it is a bit frantic for my taste. Hard for me to review this objectively because this style of music is way outside what I would choose to listen to. I could never do what you have done here which exhibits some serious playing ability. I didn't spot anything weird about your vocal tunings - all sounded good. Variety is the spice of the forum so thanks for injecting some energy.
Feedback on Finished songs / Re: I Need A Friend (More than I need the truth)
« Last post by montydog on Yesterday at 09:42:42 PM »
Hello all,
Many thanks for all the comments - much appreciated as always. I knew this wasn't my best recent song - it's not strong enough to make it onto the next CD but I thought it explored something I hadn't written about before.

Some lovely touches in here...which keep the quality levels high although it doesn't really sound like one of your top-drawer numbers...you've been spoiling us lately with a succession of really strong songs...and I think this maybe sounds like it wasn't quite as inspired...but you can't whack every ball into the car-park!

Your vocals are super and it sounds very polished and well-crafted. Your ability to write quality lyrics is always evident and is on display here, without really getting into top gear.

The string line seemed to be a bit of a distraction for the lead vocal early on in the song...I don't know if it was in there when you recorded the vocal and might have been better held back a little. It's lovely and sounds great...I just wondered if it was a little overpowering...just a thought anyway...

I really enjoyed the change around 2:00. Nice solo there too.

Brilliant harmony vocals as well. A lot of your stuff has a timeless appeal...I think this further cements your reputation as being the housewives choice...a very cool place to be.

Happy New Year!

@PaulAds Spot on comments. It's not my strongest song - see my comments above. I'm pleased that you found things to like particularly my dobro solo. Happy New Year to you too :-)

Hi Alan, really authentic celtic feel to the opening with the guitar and violin. It then veers into Johnny Cash territory. Loved the slide guitar again, very nice. It all sits nicely with your vocal style.


@Jamie Pleased that you liked it. The slide guitar is actually my dobro which is an acoustic resonator guitar played lap style with a steel bar. Thanks for the positive feedback.

Impeccably performed and played Alan. Your voice is perfect for this type of song. It's very smooth. I can imagine it being played on an A.O.R station

@pompeyjazz Smooth is good and I thank you for your lovely comments.

Hi Alan, what a lovely smooth sound, the whole thing just whisks you away gently on a cloud. Very nice stuff.

I was really engaged by that opening verse, and the theme of needing a friend more than truth, and I can certainly relate to that right now, ha ha! So that idea of a relationship was perhaps more compelling for me than some of the more abstract philosophical lyrics that followed. But I am glad you refrained the original concept at the end.

But it is a lovely song, and the smooth sound seems to fit together seamlessly, but all those delicate touches are obviously not easy to come up with, nor to execute. But you are very good at that kind of thing, as we keep seeing over and over  ;)

@MichaelA Thank you for the kind words. I think you are right - I could have kept it more to the idea of the first verse rather than disappearing up my fundament!

Ah, you did it once again Alan, lovely song, lovely vocals, well executed and produced!
I found the violin and acoustic having a bit too much reverb putting the too far behind the vocals, apart from that A+ for production.

Second suggestion (based on my very personal preferences of course) would be re the arrangement. I would have saved that exquisite violin for later and having the first verse just 1+1. Maybe then add the violin but leave the bass/drums out a little longer etc. Would make for a more defined "build" from start to end.

Just my $0.05 of course, fab as-is, well done!

@Jambrains I take your point about the build. With this I wanted to establish a mood straight away and get away from the gradual build pattern which can become a little predictable. I take your suggestions with respect to the placing of instruments on board. Thank you.

Lovely sentimental sound and instrumentation, very melancholic and introspective lyrics, and the opening couplet cuts right to the core ‘I need a friend
More than I need the truth’ nicely put👍

@man made material Hi and thanks for the kind words. Melancholic is my middle name and musical calling card - can't get away from it. I've tried but I realise it's hopeless to go against the flow!


The title alone is worth serious consideration.  Super instrumentation.  I wish that you had explored that wonderful theme of friendship and truth.  It is such a rich vein of inspiration and i am sure that many of us can relate to such a theme.  Qualitywork as always, lifted by the beautiful violin.


@Wicked Deeds Thanks for the comments, Paul and for listening to my melancholic ramblings.

Today is the day of calm, it seems to be ...
And your song takes me by the hand through the landscape of your soul.
I don't know if it's because of what is happening to all of us lately but your song has moved me because of its intimacy, sincerity, images of acceptance and beauty ...
Yes, it is true, everything is returned to us in one way or another.
I really like the sound and the arrangement, everything goes according to the message.
Apart from other lines, I love this one :
"On the morning of my reckoning"

Stay safe and have a GOOD 2021


@moraamarolaloba Hi - your words move me as your music does. Many thanks.

Hi @montydog. Really liked these lyrics and can relate to them a bit. I get this interpretation that's probably a bit different to the intent you described in the intro though - I read it as someone who starts off seeking friends who will tell them lies to make life comfortable, but then as time goes on they suffer the mistakes and misfortunes that come about perhaps because those friends hasn't advised them with honesty how to keep their feet on the ground and told the narrator the things they might not want to hear. Am I miles off?

Really nice instrumentation and a great polished sound with smooth vocals. I wonder if theres a bit of space left in the stereo image to add something extra here - the piano which is panned in my left speaker sounds really good and full - but in my right speaker I wonder if it needs something in addition to the strings that come & go - ie perhaps doubling that acoustic guitar and panning it hard right to make the sound a bit wider and fuller. Could be my rubbish speakers too though :)

Happy new year!

@The Holographic Rodeo Thank you for your detailed review. Yes, you are spot on about what the song describes - very perceptive. Thank you for your ideas about the instrumentation and mix - I think you have a good point.

Very nice Alan.
That violin is sounding very good...yes especially shines through the section before the drums kick in...very folky sound.
The bridge is in a good place there with the nice pedal steel or whatever it is solo though I wondered if the fourth line of that could have moved to...er...I suppose it would be the dominant...to set up the solo. Too obvious perhaps? And you're the boss!
All sounds good and I'm sure the housewives will be happy, you old smoothie!

@Viscount Cramer & His Orchestra Hi and thanks for taking the time to listen and comment. Housewives eh? Not sure what Mrs M would say about that! The solo isn't a pedal steel it's me playing a dobro which is an acoustic resonator guitar played on the lap with a steel bar. Sounds a bit like a pedal steel but it a whole world easier to play! My musical theory knowledge doesn't stretch to understand quite what you mean about the solo - I just play what sounds natural to me.

I love how @PaulAds calls you "the housewives choice". I definitely get that and you should embrace the title.

I like this tune and I like your style a lot.......the way you have your vocals right out front like that. Great instrumentation in this one and that title line is an excellent lyrical hook.

@Unclenny Hi and thanks for the kind words. This housewives choice thing is getting out of hand - I'm going to have to unleash my inner Iggy Pop!

Once again thank you to all who commented and Happy New Year to all. (And death to Covid)
The Bar / Re: Friday Night Songwriters Bar - TONIGHT !!!
« Last post by CaliaMoko on Yesterday at 09:33:38 PM »
I may or may not make it. Depends on what time we leave for our son's house this afternoon. Your 7pm is my 1pm. The sun sets about 5:00pm and I'd like to get there before dark. It'll take about 1.5 hours to get there. So, it would be okay to leave here about 3pm. So, I guess it depends on whether I'm all packed and ready to go by show time.
Feedback on Finished songs / Re: Eden
« Last post by Andyb on Yesterday at 06:40:24 PM »
This good stuff @Andyb! The hook is terrific and easy to remember, the guitars are nice and the drums smashy, and your vocals is brilliant as always!
thanks for the feedback
Feedback on Finished songs / Re: BE OK!
« Last post by Andreas on Yesterday at 05:31:19 PM »
@cowparsleyman - Thank you so much man! Had some fun playing around with harmonies and BV`s on this one, and the 808s was my masterpiece haha.. Heavily inspired by Finneas and his song "I Lost a Friend", where the sub-bass blast through the speakers in the bridge.

Hahah no pad and strings on this one.. I thought about it, but decided to keep it stripped for now, and I think I will keep it stripped, and maybe add just some more melody in the piano instead
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