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Lyrics / Re: My Hilltop
« Last post by Dogmax on Today at 12:06:25 AM »
I read your flow and yea like you i kind a got lost in there as well  8)
Lyrics / Re: Running From Fate
« Last post by Dogmax on Yesterday at 11:48:54 PM »
I'm reading and hearing two flows here nice  8)

What's your medley idea  8)
amazing track guys and mighty mix
love those guitars and the rising chords..  takes off like a jumbo
great arrangmnt  love the drums on the nail..
real and exciting track
turns the head
really great vox john going for it chorus
i can honestly say this is fab
top song
Feedback on Finished songs / Re: Punch & Judy Show
« Last post by PaulyX on Yesterday at 10:33:39 PM »
Yeah that was cool, a warped fairground ride of a song.  Clever clever observational lyrics, very well executed and grin inducing.  It is weird (and funny) how violent childrens entertainment can be, eh?  And nursery rhymes too.  I mean, take "3 Blind Mice".  They're already blind... and then they get their tails cut off!  And the "rock-a-bye-baby" falls out the tree to almost certain doom.  Horrific... no wonder we all grow up traumatised. :o
Bravo on a great track.
Feedback on Finished songs / Re: New Song (Lyrics Video)
« Last post by PaulyX on Yesterday at 10:20:37 PM »
Great build to this song, really collects momentum.
Very well sung, you have a great voice.
I hear what Pomps and Skub say about the missing hook, but I reckon you have all the components there... I reckon if you resang the sections starting "But its OK because it's a new day..." with a bit more welly and higher melody that'd do it.  Bit of falsetto maybe?  You've got a bit of grit to your voice that I'm sure would sound equally great when straining for the higher notes a bit.
It didn't feel like 4 and a half minutes.  Good good track.
By crikey, that's good!
Instantly drawn in by the eastern riff in the opening.  (Do you remember a song called "Into the Gap" by the Thompson Twins?  Put me in mind of that...)
But then it just got better and better when the rawk guitars arrived.  And the chorus took it to another level again, great they way you reached up with the vocals PJ. 
The ascending BVs around 4:15-4:20 are mahooosive.
You may very have out Kula-ed Kula Shaker with this east/west melange.  Seriously impressive.
Feedback on Finished songs / Re: lay your burden down
« Last post by PaulyX on Yesterday at 10:06:02 PM »
Yo Mike, a song with gravitas.  Its stately, not looking for cheap hooks - and you've got a great sonorous voice for that kind of track I'd say.  You sound wise in this song, which suits the lyrics.
If you're looking for suggestions I wondered if you could vary the melody of the choruses a bit more since you stay in a similar register to the verses, maybe reach up a few notes with the vocals?  I do like the way you introduce the strumming in the choruses versus the picking in the verses though.
"It's alright for you to lay your burden down" is a strong line, and makes for a strong title too.
Feedback on Finished songs / Re: lay your burden down
« Last post by pompeyjazz on Yesterday at 09:48:51 PM »
Families eh !!! I'm sure that a lot of people can relate to this as the image of the perfect family that is pumped out in your face each day every day is gazillions of years away from the real world. I loved the honesty of the song Mike and also the fact that you decided to f**k the DAW for a bit as they can be awkward little blighters at times. I enjoyed the listen
Feedback on Finished songs / Re: New Song (Lyrics Video)
« Last post by pompeyjazz on Yesterday at 09:38:26 PM »
Nice laid back track Chris with some good production and your voice sounds like warm toast. Like Davy said, I think it was missing a hook but apart from that a pleasant listen
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